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Review – Tesalate Beach Towel: Is it the perfect towel?

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I was approached by Tesalate a few weeks ago, to see if we would be interested in trying one of their sand-free towels for review. I had heard really positive things about Tesalate beach towels so my interest was sparked instantly. Could this unicorn beach towel really be as good as I had heard it to be?

While I was gifted a towel for us to review, all opinions are my own.

One thing that we love about the school holidays is trips to the beach. With the kids getting up at the crack of dawn, well more honestly, before dawn, we can often get down to the beach just as the morning sun is warming up. The kids play for hours. Splashing about in the water and exploring seaweed that has washed up on the shore. They spend so much time searching rock pools for sea creatures and building sandcastles. Beach sand gets everywhere. From their hair to their toes, swimmers to towels – everything gets covered in the fine white grains that our Aussie beaches are famous for.

Could this towel be all that the rumors have said it to be? Tesalate claims their towels are sand-free, ultra-absorbent, and are rapid drying. We happily put one to the test.

Tesalate Beach Towel review pin

Review: Tesalate Beach Towel – Is it the perfect towel?

First Impressions of Tesalate Beach Towel

After chatting with the team at Tesalate, I was advised that our chosen towel was dispatched within a day. I was impressed by the communication from the company. Step by step, I knew exactly what was happening. I had two excited girlies keen to open the parcel once it arrived.

Our towel came with its own carry pouch. the towel was neatly wrapped within, encased in tissue paper – it was like a personally wrapped gift!

Tesalate beach towel
Tesalate Beach Towel

At first touch, I was surprised by how the towel felt. I’m not sure what I was expecting however the smooth sleekness of the fabric isn’t something I would associate with one that is ultra-absorbent. There is a slight quilted pattern to the fabric and the fabric is very thin. While it’s not the thick fluffy towel one usually associates with comfort, this one has some weight to it and feels lovely draped over your shoulders. Even Miss 6 who is particular about different fabrics, loved this one – winning!

The towel itself is huge! Certainly, a generous size for two adults to lay on.

Tesalate Beach Towel

I chose the ‘Into the Wild – XL’ style to blend in with the earthy vibes I have been attracted to lately. The design is beautifully vibrant and sharp. On the reverse of the towel is a monotone, black and white triangle design.

When pulling the towel from the pouch for the first time, I had imagined it would be quite challenging to get it back in there. I was mistaken! I folded the towel roughly and it slipped back into the pouch with no trouble at all!

First Use – Cubby and Pool

The girls were super keen to use the towel however poor weather conditions kept us from the beach. When I wasn’t looking, they slipped the towel from the pouch and created a cubby house with it.

Tesalate beach towel cubby

That afternoon Dad used the Tesalate beach towel to dry himself after a dip in the pool. He loved it. We have had beach towels in the past that move the water but don’t actually absorb it. Straight away, the Tesalate absorbed the water, cutting down his drying time! Both he and I were amazed at how quickly it sucked the water up!

After its use, I popped the towel into the washing machine, using a cold wash cycle. Upon getting it out of the machine, i could feel the weight of the water as I hung it on the washing line to dry. I came to check it an hour later and it was almost dry. The weather was super humid too (cyclone clouds from a recent storm up north). I was surprised with how quickly the towel was drying!

Tesalate beach towel care instruction

The Real Test – the Beach

Our Tesalate beach towel had passed the ultra- absorbency and rapid drying tests. The big claim to test out was the sand-free. Once the weather permitted, we put the towel to the test. An early morning venture to the beach was a welcome excursion.

Tesalate beach

With sand buckets, suncream, and Tesalate Beach Towel at hand. We ventured down to the sand for some oceanside fun. Straight away, the girls started building sandcastles. Given their passion to dig like bunnies making a burrow, typically I would request them to dig a little distance from where we set up. Since we needed to test the sand-free claim on our towel, this time I simply just watched them spray sand all over the towel I had laid out. Once they had moved on, I literally lifted a corner and gave the towel a little shake. The sand just rolled off leaving fine dust. Lifting the towel off the sand and giving it a flick was all that was needed to remove the final fine dust that was remaining. Amazing! No sand left in the car, garage, house, or washing machine! Happy days!


Final Thoughts

Our Tesalate Towel is both beautiful and functional. It ticks all the boxes and met all the claims made. Not only is it a stylish accessory to take down to the beach, but it also makes the whole beach experience so much better! No more damp towel full of sand waiting to dry before shaking them out to wash after a day at the beach. Nope, just shake off before you leave, the towel had dried before we got home and then straight into the washing machine.

The most difficult part about this entire process was deciding on a design. Which will you choose?

This all being said, it seems that unicorns truly are real!

Dani D x

tesalate beach towel

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