Montessori Mega Bundles

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Montessori Mega Bundles are one of the best ways to access incredible resources for home learning.

Whether you are home schooling, learning from home due to isolating or simply would like to provide your child with quality learning experiences at home, these bundles are just what you have been looking for.

Montessori printables are a useful tool to help students learn at their own pace.

Despite the benefits of Montessori education, many parents struggle with how to implement this style of learning into their homes.

However, Montessori printables can be an effective solution for those that need extra assistance in teaching children how to work on their own time.

The Montessori philosophy is based on individualized instruction and independent exploration which allows children to develop self-confidence as they learn the skills necessary for success in life.

Montessori teaches responsibility by allowing children to work independently.

Montessori printable materials come in the form of activity books, worksheets, puzzles, games and more which provides students with a wide variety of learning opportunities. These montessori activities are not only designed to teach students how to read, write, do math or complete other montessori activities but are also created to make learning fun.

The benefits of montessori printables

Montessori printables are a great way for students to learn at their own pace and be inspired by their interests. In addition to this, they can help students become more responsible and learn in a fun environment.

By utilizing Montessori printables in your child’s learning, you are not only giving them the skills to be successful but allowing them time to explore without supervision.

That being said, an important element of resilience, is being able to to ask for help.

How to use montessori printables at home

If you’re looking for a way to help your child learn at their own pace, Montessori printables might be the answer you have been searching for. They can be presented in the form of

  • Activity books
  • Worksheets
  • Puzzles
  • Games

Each is designed to help students learn in a fun and interactive way.

These learning resources can be used at home to supplement your child’s education, or as a way for them to learn new skills independently.

Winter 2022 Montessori Mega Bundle is LIVE!

Winter 2022 Montessori Mega Bundle

The Winter Montessori Mega Bundle is here!


The snow might have not yet fallen, but our Winter MEGA Bundle is here giving you plenty of time to get ready for an amazing winter season filled with meaningful learning activities!

Our Winter Mega bundle is packed with quality educational printables that will bring joy to your child this winter season and beyond!

From comprehensive unit studies focused on winter animals and nature, through playful math and language studies, to geography, art and even fun coding printables, there is something for every child to enjoy. 

What is in the Winter 2022 Montessori Mega Bundle?

The Winter MEGA Bundle printables are curated into the following 12 categories:

  • Animal Studies
  • Art Studies
  • Book Based Studies
  • Chinese Culture Studies
  • Geography
  • Language Studies
  • Lego and STEM
  • Math
  • Social and Emotional Wellness
  • Pretend Play Kits
  • Nature Studies
  • Winter


  • Arctic Fox Anatomy – Willow and Owl 
  • Cold Climate Animals In Cursive and Print – A Cuban Family 
  • Polar & Winter Woodland Animals – Mind Sprout 
  • Penguin Game, Puzzle, and Editable Tracing Pack – Living Montessori Now
  • Penguin Guide – Leyendo Con Azul 
  • Polar Animals Early Year Activity Book – Books and Willows
  • Polar Birds Pack in Print and Cursive – A Cuban Family 
  • Primary Birding Bundle – Modern Classical Homeschool
  • Robin Anatomy – Gabitat Emporium 
  • Polar Bears – Generation Education 
  • Skunk And Badger – Love Qetesh 
  • Winter-Themed Land, Water, Air – Montessori For Moms


  • Artist Study: Edvard Munch, Thomas Cole, Grant Wood – Pepper and Pine Montessori
  • The Weather Coloring Book – Leyendo Con Azul 
  • Vincent Van Gogh Art Bundle – The Art Kit 
  • Winter in Art – My Mega Bundles

Book Based Study

  • Snow Literature Preschool Unit – Established At Home Co
  • Greyfriars Bobby – Beyond The Book Education

Chinese Culture

  • Let’s Explore Popular Chinese Food – Love School At Home 
  • Winter Solstice – Wildflowers By Sarah 

Mental Health and Happiness

  • Mental Health: Anger and Happiness (2 Chapters) – Natalie Duhon
  • Peace Education – Pepper and Pine Montessori


  • 10 Coldest Countries Of The World – Interactive Printables 
  • Animals And Their Contents Posters – Montessori For Moms 
  • Australian Animals And Flora – Whimsy Printables 
  • Big Australian Learning Activity Book – Barefoot Child
  • Chile Pack – 193 Little Adventures
  • Forestry Geography – Harbor And Sprout 
  • Ice Expedition – Wild Feather Edu
  • Taiga Posters (ENG and ES) – Leyendo Con Azul 
  • Tundra Study (ENG and ES) – Aprendizaje Relevante

Lego & STEAM

  • Cookie Investigation and Science Pack – Crafts Fun And Learning 
  • Lego Learning Pack – The Budget Homeschool
  • Programming Unplugged Variables – Salt And Lightspeed


  • Gingerbread House Alphabet Maze – Hudson Academy 
  • Gnome For The Holidays – Willow And Owl 
  • Winter Forestry Tea Time – Hollow And Hoot 
  • Holiday Alphabet Flashcards – Hudson Academy 
  • Winter Vocabulary Cards – Tacuco 
  • Initial Sound Cards In Print and Cursive – Stella Nova Montessori 
  • Penguin Game, Puzzle, and Editable Tracing Pack in Print and Cursive – Living Montessori Now
  • Nature Alphabet Tracing Sheets – The Mama Curate 
  • Story Cards – These Little Sprouts
  • The Arctic Fox’s Journey – Montessori Inspired Company
  • Winter Cinquain Poetry Pack – Montessori Inspired Company
  • Winter Journal Pages – Tacuco 


  • Holiday Lights Counting – Hudson Academy 
  • Minibeasts Counting and Number Tracing – The Mama Curate 
  • Winter Counting 1-10 In 9 Languages – Stella Nova Montessori 
  • Winter Math Pack (ENG and ES) – Wood Fun Play
  • Winter Pre-K Math Binder – Learning Made Fun
  • Winter Ratio Task Cards in Print and Cursive – Stella Nova


  • Biome in a Jar – Gabitat Emporium
  • Minibeasts Bundle – Montessori Living Room 
  • Nature in Winter Study – Copilarie Printre Ierburi
  • Nature Journal Cover – Alisa Taylor Design
  • Poinsettia Mini Study – Gabitat Emporium
  • Poinsettia Unit Study – Ruden’s Art
  • Seasonal Winter Nature Study – Nature for Children
  • Snowdrop Looking Glass Nature Study – Books and Willows
  • Winter Plants Posters – Leyendo con Azul

Pretend Play

  • Candy Cane Bundle – Established At Home Co
  • Christmas Sweet Treats – Organized Teacher Mom
  • Hot Chocolate Fun – These Little Sprouts
  • Snow Kitchen Recipes – Rooted Homelife 
  • Snowflake’s Snow Cone Pretend Stand – For the Love of Homeschooling
  • The Hot Cocoa Stand – Generation Education 


  • Find It! Winter Edition – Generation Education 
  • New Year Morning Basket – Established At Home Co 
  • Snowflakes Math, Language, and Sensorial Pack – Tacuco 
  • Snowflakes Unit Study – Purple Nest Kid Creations 
  • The Winter Cottage – A Homemade Education 
  • Winter Activity Bundle – Little Hands Learn 
  • Winter Bingo – Tacuco
  • Winter Bucket List – Learning Made Fun 
  • Winter Celebrations Around The World – Aprendiendode3
  • Ice Skating Mini-Unit – Willow And Owl 
  • Winter Matching Game – Gabitat Emporium 
  • Winter Math, Language and Sensorial Pack – Tacuco 
  • S is for Snowflake Learning Pack – For the Love of 
  • Winter Movement Cards – Generation Education 
  • Winter Playdough Mats – Montessori For Mom

Let us make your winter exciting with the countless fun hands-on activities included in our latest Winter MEGA Bundle!

The cold weather might keep your child inside, but our Winter MEGA Bundle will let them have fun and learn new skills!

Packed with close to 3,000 pages of thoughtfully curated activities perfect for children ages 3-10 (with some resources for 10+).  With resources from over 50 creators and 13 categories, you’ll love the variety of lessons in this bundle!

The collection is worth over $800, but from now to Nov 8th, it can be yours for ONLY $25.

Don’t forget to check out the UPGRADED CHRISTMAS package with  extra Christmas themed resources!

Winter 2022 Freebie
I can homeschool freebie
Spring 2022 Montessori Mega Bundle Save the Date

The Spring 2022 Montessori Mega Bundle

Along with the warmth of the early morning spring sun and blooms bursting into flower comes a curated collection of learning resources from around the world.

This bundle contains over 3000 pages of educational resources, designed by over 60 talented creators!

What is in the Spring 2022 Montessori Mega Bundle?


  • Spring Activity Book – Little Folk Learning
  • Springtime Busy Book – These Little Sprouts (Art, Nature, Math Language, 3-6)


  • Animal Research Sheet in Print and Cursive – Stella Nova Montessori (Science, Nature, Language, 3-6)
  • Asexual and Sexual Reproduction – Leyendo con Azul (Zoology, Science, Nature, 6-12)
  • Endangered Species – So Simple a Beginning (Zoology, Science, Language, 3-9)
  • Earthworms Unit – Sassy Print  (Science, Nature, Math, Art, Language, 3-6)
  • Frog vs Toad – Gabitat Emporium (Science, Nature, Literacy, 3-12+)
  • Life Cycle Guess Who  – Modern Classical Homeschool (Science, Nature,3-9)
  • Minibeasts Memory Game – Hudson Academy of Curiosity (Nature, 3-12)
  • Pet Animals Bundle – Montessori Inspired Co  (Language, Math, )
  • Plant and Animal Cells – Wildflowers by Sarah (Botany,Science,Language,Math,  3-12)
  • Pond Life – Sassy Print (Art, Math, Science, Nature, Language, 3-6)
  • Scientific Classification – Leyendo con Azul (Zoology, Science, Nature, 6-12)
  • Tree of Life – My Little Montessorian (Science,Nature, Zoology, 3-6)
  • Types of Feeding – Leyendo con Azul (Zoology, Science, Nature, 6-12)
  • Worm Anatomy – Gabitat Emporium (Science, Nature, 3-12+)


  • Art Study KNIGHT Hands-On – Papaslon (Art, 3-9)
  • Art Study RENOIR  Hands-On – Papaslon (Art, 3-9)
  • Art Study VINCENT VAN GOGH  Hands-On – Papaslon (Art, 3-9)
  • Color and Trace Sheets – Whimsy Printables (Nature, Art, Language, 3-6)
  • Color Mixing & Memory Game – Kira Garrett Creations (Art,Math, 3-6)
  • I Have, Who Has Spring Art Appreciation Game – Living Montessori Now (Art, 3-12)
  • Music Education Ebook and Printables – Mi Tiendita Montessori (Art, Music, 3-6)
  • Spring Colours – Little Folk Learning (Art, Sensorial, Language)


  • All about Feathers – Montessori Tube Academy (Science, Nature, Math, Language,)
  • Bird Watching Journal Half Size – Books and Willows (Zoology, Art, Nature, 3-12)
  • Birds Unit Study – Aprendiendode3 (Zoology, Science, Math, Language, 3-9)
  • Hummingbird Study – Modern Imagination (Math, Language, Botany, Zoology, Sensory, 3-9)


  • Ant Life Cycle – Little Spark Company  (Zoology, Science, Nature, 3-6)
  • Black Garden Ants – Wildflowers by Sarah (Botany,Science,Language,Math,  3-9)
  • Butterfly Anatomy Pack – Whimsy Printables  (Nature, Science, 3-6)
  • Butterfly and Moth 3 PC – Hudson Academy of Curiosity (Nature, 3-12+)
  • Butterfly Life Cycle – Little Spark Company (Zoology, Science, Nature, 3-6)
  • Interesting Insect Nature Unit – Inspire the Mom (Nature,Language, 3-9)
  • Monarch Butterfly Migration Mini Unit – These Little Sprouts (Science, Nature, Language, Art, 3-6)


  • Coloring Pages – Our Monte Stories (Art, 3-7)
  • Nature Coloring Book – Aprendiendode3 (Nature, Art, Science, 3-9)
  • Spring Nature Journal- Our Monte Stories (Art,Nature,Science, 3-12)

COMBINED PRINTABLES (Math, Language and Others)

  • Busy Birds Early Learning Language and Math Pack – Books and Willows (Zoology, Math, Language, 3-12)
  • I am a Bucket Filler family unit study – Rooted Homelife (Sensory, Math, Language, 3-12)
  • Math and Literacy Pack – The Brilliant Bungalow (Math, Language, 3-9)
  • Sensory ABC 123 Beginners Book – Little Wooden Toybox (Math,Language,Art,Sensory, 2-6)
  • Spring and Nature Bundle – En Confiance avec Montessori  (Botany, Science, Nature, Art, 3-6)
  • Spring Cleaning Activity Bundle – Tackle Box Montessori  (Practical Life,0-9)
  • Spring Forest Quiet Book – Montessori Multilingual (Sensory, Math, Language, 0-6)
  • Spring Learning – Design Studio Teti (Language, Math, 3-6)
  • Spring Study – Gabitat Emporium (Language, 3-6)


  • Spring & Easter placemats – KhadineDECO (Practical Life, 0-6)
  • Spring Cleaning Fun Poster and Cards – Modern Classical Homeschool  (Practical Life,0-9)
  • Spring Exploration Pack – Tiny Teachings  (Hands-on Experiments, DIY Projects, 2-9)
  • Spring Organisation Clothing Labels – KhadineDECO (Practical Life, 0-9)


  • Earth Day Activity pack – A Cuban Family (Science, Language,Math, 3-9)
  • Earth Day Busy Book – Well and Willow (Language, Math, Science, 3-6)
  • Earth Day Busy Book Cut Out Pages – Well and Willow  (Language, Math, Science, 3-6)
  • Earth Day Mini Study – A Cuban Family (Science, 6-9) 
  • Earth Day Vocabulary 3PC – Well and Willow (Language, 3-6)
  • Earth Day Vocabulary Cards – Well and Willow (Language, 3-6)
  • Rachel Carson Lesson Packet – Wildhearts Academy
  • Renewable energy mini study in cursive – A Cuban Family (Science, 5-9)
  • Renewable energy mini study in print – A Cuban Family (Science, 5-9)


  • Farm Life-Early Learning – Our Life in the Shire (Math, Language, 2-6)
  • Farm Anatomy – Mawar Ketjil  (Zoology, Science, Nature, 3-9)


  • Cosmos Life Cycle – Little Spark Company (Botany, Science, Nature, 3-6)
  • Early Blooms Bundle A4 – Montessori Living Room (Math, Language,Sensory, 0-9)
  • Early Blooms Bundle Letter – Montessori Living Room
  • Flower Name Tracing – Hudson Academy of Curiosity
  • Spring flowers learning pack – Rudens Art (Science, Botany (Flowers), Math, Language, 3-9)
  • Spring Flowers Memory Game – Hudson Academy of Curiosity (Nature, 3-12)


  • Backyard Biome – My Little Montessorian (Science, Nature, Language, 3-6)
  • Cherry Blossom Learning Pack – Modern Imagination
  • Fruits Unit Study – Mi Tiendita Montessori (Botany, Sensorial, Language, Math, 2-6)
  • Blueberry Investigation Set – Crafts Fun and Learning (Science, Botany, Nature, 3-12)
  • Raspberry Investigation Set -Crafts Fun and Learning (Science, Botany, Nature, 3-12)
  • Fun with Fruit Science Unit – Wild Earth Lab (Botany,Science,Language, 2-6)
  • Gardening 3 Part Cards – Purple Nest Kid Creations
  • Gardening Learning Pack – Rudens Art (Science (Gardening), Math, Language, 3-9)
  • Soil Anatomy – My Little Montessorian (Science, Nature, Language, 3-6)


  • Africa Resource Pack – Willow and Owl (Geography, Nature, Science, 3-9)
  • Cambodia 193 Little Adventurers Pack Cursive – Jo Jo Ebi (Geography,Language, 3-9)
  • Cities – Subregions – Africa – Montessori Inspired Co (Geography,)
  • Earth Activity Pack – So Simple a Beginning (Science, Math, Language, 3-6)
  • Earth mini study in print and cursive – A Cuban Family (Science, 6-9)
  • World Maps – A Childhood Set Apart (Geography, 6-12)
  • World Monuments – Mawar Ketjil (Geography, 3-12)


  • American Colonies Timeline – Heritage Letter (History, 7-12+)
  • Ancient Egypt Unit – Generation Education (History, Language,3-9)
  • Ancient Greece Activity – Montessori Soul (History, Science, Math, 9-14)
  • Constellations from Around the World – Montessori Kiwi (Language, Science, 3-6)
  • Kaleidoscopes History Unit – The Everyday Planner (History, 3-12)
  • Pompei Unit Study – Hollow and Hoot (History, 3-12+)


  • Building Sight Words – Whimsy Printables (Nature, Language, 3-6)
  • Finding Grammar in Works of Art Spring Theme – The Modern Montessori Guide (Art, Language, 6-12)
  • Haiku + Montessori Bead Bars – Modern Classical Homeschool (Language, 3-9)
  • Interesting Insects Handwriting Pack – Inspire the Mom (Nature,Language,Science, 3-9)
  • Little Bird’s Day Out Language Packet PreK – Geez Gwen  (Language, 3-6)
  • Spring Alphabet Cards – Hudson Academy of Curiosity (Language, 3-9)
  • Spring Alphabetizing Cards – Stella Nova Montessori (Language, 3-6)
  • Spring Bingo – Stella Nova Montessori
  • Spring Hunt Literacy Unit – Tiny Teachings (Language, 3-6)
  • Spring Letter Recognition Games – Purple Nest Kid Creations (Language, 3-6)
  • Spring Study – Gabitat Emporium
  • Spring themed hand writing charts – Montessori Kiwi (Language, 3-6)
  • Ten Lower Elementary Writing Spring Writing Prompts – Stella Nova Montessori (Language, 6-9)
  • Tracing and Colouring Sheets – Whimsy Printables


  • Finding Symmetry in Nature – The Modern Montessori Guide (Nature, Math, 6-9)
  • Hidden Times Tables – Multiplication Cards – Montessori Soul (Math, 6-9)
  • Math 2nd Grade Planting Garden Bed Arrays – The Modern Montessori Guide (Math, 6-9) 
  • Pizza Shop + Fractions – Aprendizaje Relevante (Math, Pretend Play, Language, 6-10)
  • Pretend Play Garden Shop – The Art Kit (Mathematics, Pretend Play,3-9)
  • Spring Counting Puzzles – Purple Nest Kid Creations (Mathematics, 3-6)
  • Spring Math Unit – Tiny Teachings (Math, 3-6)
  • Spring Number Pots – Whimsy Printables (Nature, Math, 3-6)
  • Spring Word Problems (+, -, x, ÷) – Stella Nova Montessori (Language, 2-9)


  • Honey Bee Life Cycle – Little Spark Company (Zoology, Science, Nature, 3-6)
  • Pollinators of the World Unit Study – Montessori For Moms  (Math, Language, Botany, Zoology, 3-9)


  • Clouds Mini Unit Study – Matty and Millie (Language, Science, 3-12)
  • Days of the Week and Months of the Year – The Everyday Planner (Language, 3-9)
  • Spring Bucket List – Crafts Fun and Learning (Practical Life, 3-9)
  • Zodiac Constellation Cards – Montessori Soul (Science, 3-12)
Winter 2022 mega bundle
Winter 2022 Montessori Mega Bundle

Montessori Mega Bundle: Winter 2022

Winter is one of my favourite times of the year.

The warm weight of a fresh doona, the fullness that comes after a bowl of creamy porridge and the comfort that follows slow sips from a mug warming cold hands.

The smell of incoming rain, the sound of thunder rolling across the sky and storm watching late at night.

There is a lot to celebrate this winter.

Included is the latest Montessori Mega Bundle: Winter 2022.

Ladies and gentleman, it has happened again.

A whopping event for home learning is happening right now. Imagine what 40 individual contributors can create when their resources are combined.

This Winter 2022 Montessori Mega Bundle contains up to 2500 pages of beautifully designed learning resources that can be accessible within minutes.

Forty contributors have designed over 60 different winter themed, educational resources which can be delivered as pdfs to your email.

When can I get the bundle?

This jam packed bundle is available for a limited time only!

Availability is from January 12th – January 18th 2022

Montessori Mega bundle

The value of a Mega Bundle

This mega bundle contains resources spread over 7 themed learning areas, exclusive deals and a bundle guide, valued $US 700!

You pay only US$25!

These resources have been trusted with over 30,000 families, for children primarily 3 – 9 years of age.

We are talking a huge saving of 95% off a massive range of resources. Even if you only use half of the printables, the savings are well worth purchasing.

Given that these are pdfs, they can be saved and used for years ahead.

When I purchase our first Mega Bundle, I saved the documents and referred to them so many times over the years.

Bonus upgrade

As a first for Montessori Mega Bundles, this seasons bundle has an upgrade available.

Along with the already incredible value in the original bundle, comes the added selected languages bonus!

The select languages bonus is a bilingual pack of extra printables in English plus one selected language; Spanish, German or French, for an extra US$15 !

Montessori mega bundle winter 2022

What is in the Winter 2022 Montessori Mega Bundle?

This value-packed bundle of printable learning from home resources has been designed so many educational learning themes.

Now, while each of these resources has been curated under a particular theme, they certainly are not limited to addressing that one learning area. This being said, many cross over to other areas of learning.

Each resource has been ordered this way showing the dominant learning area. For example, the marshmallow investigation pack crosses over math, practical life skills, and science learning areas.

Be assured that each of these resources presents so many learning opportunities for your children!

Seasons & Winter

  • Printable Montessori Colour Tablets – Little Spark Company
  • Winter Color in Art – Little Spark Company
  • Winter Art Colour Study – Little Spark Company
  • Seasons – Montessori Kiwi
  • Winter Organisation Clothing Labels – KhadineDECO
  • Daily Calendar – Rudens Art (only part of Selected Language Bonus)
  • Tracing Calendar 2022 – Rudens Art (only part of Selected Language Bonus)
  • Planets Bundle – Montessori Living Room
  • Winter Bucket List – Crafts Fun and Learning (only part of Selected Language Bonus)
  • I have, Who Has? Winter Art Appreciation – Living Montessori Now
  • 2022 Home and Linear School Calendar – Modern Classical Homeschool

Winter Crafts, Games & Recipes

  • Festivals Activities Pack – Jo Jo Ebi
  • Winter Festivals 3 Part Cards – Jo Jo Ebi
  • Building Prompt Cards – Modern Classical Homeschool
  • Winter Hygge crafting + learning (art, language, practical life, ages: 4-12) – 3 Little Lambs Homestead 
  • Winter Bundle – Learning for Tomorrow
  • Marshmallow Investigation Set (science, sensorial, ages: 3 – 9) – Crafts Fun and Learning
  • Winter Printable Placemats – KhadineDECO
  • Coffee Shop Pretend Play (math, practical life, ages: 2-12) – Crafts Fun and Learning 

Winter Language Study

  • Winter Spelling Words Coloring Book – The Art Kit
  • Fun with Winter Friends (language, math, ages: 3 – 6) – A Childhood Set Apart
  • CVC Words Study  (language, ages: 3 – 7)  – A Childhood Set Apart
  • Winter and Snowflakes Math and Language Pack – Purple Nest Creations
  • Winter Words in Print and Cursive – Stella Nova Montessori
  • Chinese New Year – Hudson Academy of Curiosity
  • Winter on the Farm Mini Bundle – The Art Kit (only part of the SLB)
  • Winter Learning in Print and Cursive (langugae, ages: 3 – 6) – Design Studio Teti
  • Snowflake Bundle – En Confiance Avec Montessori
  • Chinese Zodiac Animals Flashcards – Hudson Academy of Curiosity
  • Winter Busy Book – Well and Willow

Winter Nature Study

  • Tree Research Report – Montessori Inspired Co (only part of SLB)
  • Arctic Animals Unit Study – Matty and Millie
  • My Winter Journal – Momma in Japan
  • Polar Bears Mini Unit Study – Willow & Owl
  • Snowflakes – En Confiance avec Montessori
  • Animal Tracks Matching – The Modern Montessori Guide
  • Pine Tree Unist Study – Natural Beach Living
  • Holly Unit Study – Natural Beach Living
  • Winter Trees and Plants – Montessori Soul
  • Trees Unit Study (language, math, nature, ages: 3-9) – Aprendiendode3
  • Mountains Unit Study (geography, language, math, nature, ages: 3-9)  – Aprendiendode3
  • Owls of the World – Montessori for Moms

Study of Mountains

  • Mountain Unit Study – Aprendiendode3
  • Mountains – One Tree Mountessori
  • Gems Activity Bundle – Mama’s Happy Hive
  • Mountain Animals Guess Who Cards – Modern Classical Homeschool

Emotions & Good Habits

  • Emotions Journal – One Tree Montessori (only part of Selected Language Bonus)
    Healthy Winter Habbits – One Tree Montessori (only part of Selected Language Bonus)
    Winter Movement  – Tiny Teachings

Winter Math Study

  • Snowflakes Counting Playdough Mats – Hudson Academy of Curiosity (only part of Selected Language Bonus)
  • Working with Quantities Using Winter Bead Bars – The Modern Montessori Guide
  • Winter Forest Quiet Book – Montessori & Multilingual
  • Purple Nest Creations – Winter and Snowflakes Math and Language Pack
  • Winter Busy Book – Well and Willow
Winter 2022 mega bundle

What is included in the selected language bonus upgrade?

Crafts Fun and Learning

  • Winter Bucket List

For the Love of Homeschooling

  • Animal Tracks Pack

Gabitat Emporium

  • Hibernating Animals

Hudson Academy of Curiosity

  • Chinese New Year Coloring Pages
  • Air Land Water Sorting
  • Snowflakes Counting Playdough Mats

Jo Jo Ebi

  • Winter Night of Radishes

Little Spark Company

  • Winter Clothes

Mama’s Happy Hive

  • Gems Mini Pack

Mi Tiendita Montessori

  • Mini Snowflake Unit Study
  • Clouds Cards and Poster

Modern Imagination

  • Trees Mini Unit Study

Momma in Japan

  • Winter Nature Drawing Instructions

Montessori Inspired Co

  • Tree Research Report

Montessori LIving Room

  • Winter Math Mini Bundle

One Tree Montessori

  • Emotions Journal 
  • Healthy Winter Habits

Purple Nest Kid Creations

  • Winter Bundle

Rudens Art

  • Daily Calendar

Stella Nova Montessori

  • Parts of  a Figure Skate

The Art Kit

  • Winter on the Farm

The Brilliant Bungalow

  • Weather Unit Study

The Everyday Planner

  • Five Senses

The Modern Montessori Guide

  • Animal Tracks Matching

Tiny Teachings

  • Winter Hunt Literacy Unit

Well and Willow

  • My Weekly Weather Chart
  • Transportation and its parts

Wild Hearts Academy

  • Black Pioneers Flash Cards
  • Black Pioneers Instruments and Tools

Willow and Owl

  • Arctic Wolf Anatomy
wintere mega bundle

Montessori Mega Bundle: Fall 2021

Leaves are transitioning to all the warm hues of autumn. Pumpkin pie is baking in the oven with the scent of cinnamon wafting through the air as the wind picks up the loose leaves and rustles them along the path. Fall is such a great time of year. The limited-time Montessori Mega Bundle for Fall 2021 has just been released to celebrate the new season!

EDIT: Montessori Mega Bundles are available only for a limited time. This bundle has expired – stay tuned for the next Mega Bundle!

Fall Mega Bundle 2021

With each change of season, welcomes an epic event. That is the release of a collection of curated Montessori printables for a limited time only, known as a Mega Bundle.

The Fall 2021 Montessori Mega Bundle is available from September 22nd – September 29th, 2021!

Whats so mega about this bundle?

This Fall Mega Bundle contains almost 2000 pages of fall-themed printables to incorporate into your play and home-based learning for only US$25.

This is a massive saving of 95% off all these beautiful materials!

To purchase these seperatley, this collection of montessori printables is worth over US$550.

Even if you only use half of materials, you are still well ahead.

This low price will have almost 2000 pages in seven categories delivered instantly for you to download and keep forever.

As soon as I purchase our Mega Bundles, I save the files to my DropBox so that I can access the printables across all my devices.

We first purchased our initial Mega Bundle back in 2019. It was the winter collection and years on, we still tap and print off activities for our play and learning now. It’s really rewarding watching Miss 4 use the same printables that I used for her older sister years ago. They are chalk and cheese but love using these resources!

Fall Mega Bundle 2021

What is in the Fall Mega Bundle 2021?

This collection of learning resources has been curated from 37 unique creators. Most of the designs are brand new, never seen before.

Did you get the fall bundles from previous years? This year’s bundle is all sparkly new, full of learning at home opportunities and inspiration!

There are two options available

Fall Mega Bundle 1 US$25

  • Arrows & Applesauce: U.S. Coins Printable Activity (3-6yrs) Math
  • The Modern Montessori Guide: Apple Orchard Themed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (6-9yrs) Math
  • Crafts Fun & Learning: Fall Comforts Cafe (3-9yrs) Language and Math
  • Little Spark Company: Fall Bake Shop Math Bundle (3-6yrs) Math
  • This Growing Life: Farm Learning Pack (2-6yrs) Math and Literacy
  • Little Folk Learning: Autumn Activity Book (3-6yrs) Art, Botany, Language, and Sensorial
  • A Childhood Set Apart: Autumn Math & Language Pack (2 – 9yrs) Language and Math
  • APrendiendode: Honey and Bees Study Unit (3-6yrs)Art, Botany, Language, and Math
  • Montessori Living Room: Classic Cars Bundle (2-9yrs) History, Language, Math, and Sensorial
  • Living Montessori Now: I have, Who has in Print & Cursive (3-12yrs) Art
  • Stella Nova Montessori: Autumn Leaves Pin Punching (2-6yrs) Art
  • The Modern Montessori Guide: Finding Grammar in Works of Art, Autumn Harvest Theme (6-12yrs) Art and Language
  • The Prepared Environment: Tree Art (3-6yrs) Art and Practical Life
  • Hudson Academy: Mushroom Cards (3-9yrs) Botany and Language
  • Hudson Academy: Trees Cards (3-9yrs) Botany and Language
  • Kira Garrett Creations: Mushroom Study Unit (3-6yrs) Botany, Language, Math, and Nature
  • Natural Beach Living: Sunflower Unit Study (3-9yrs) Art, Botany, Language and Math
  • Arrows & Applesauce: Weather Wheel & 3 Part Cards (2-6yrs) Language and Science
  • Stella Nova Montessori: Human Organs Cards TOOBS Compatible (3-6yrs) Science
  • Stella Nova Montessori: Transportation Cards TOOBS Compatible (2-6yrs) Science
  • The Art Kit: My Honey Bee Learning Pack (2-12yrs) Language, Math, Nature, and Science
  • The Brilliant Bungalow: Rhythms Unit (6-9yrs) Science
  • Matty and Millie: Four Season Unit Study (3-9yrs) Art, Language, Math, and Science
  • Crafts Fun & Learning: Woodland Animals (3-9) Art, Language, and Zoology
  • Mama’s Happy Hive: Dinosaurs Activity Bundle (3-9yrs) Art, Language, Math, and Zoology
  • Nathan Anderson: Birds Workbook (3-6yrs) Zoology
  • The Everyday Planner: Oh Deer! A Learning & Activity Unit (3-12yrs) Art, Nature, Language, Practical Life, and Zoology
  • Montessori Kiwi: Animal Tracks (3-9yrs) Nature and Zoology
  • Tackle Box Montessori: Animal Patterns Bundle (3-9yrs) Geography, math, Sensorial and Zoology
  • Modern Imagination: Salmon Study Unit (3-9yrs) Language Math, Science and Zoology
  • Crafts Fun & Learning: Autumn Bucket List (2-9 yrs) Language and Nature
  • Purple Nest Creations: Seasons Sorting Mats (3-6yrs) Nature
  • Hudson Academy: A-Z Things That Go: Play Dough Mats (2-6yrs) Language
  • Purple Nest Creations: Autumn ABC Math (3-6yrs) Language
  • Smart Ways to Play: Fall Mega Bundle (2-6yrs) Language
  • Well and Willow: Autumn Alphabet (3-6yrs) Language
  • Montessori Inspired Company: Fall Cinquin Poetry Packe (3-12yrs) Language
  • Well and Willow Prepositions of Place (3-6yrs) Language
  • Well and Willow: Read it, Build it, Write It Activity (3-6yrs) Language
  • Stella Nova Montessori: Autumn Squash Cards & Recipes (3-9yrs) Language
  • Purple Nest Creations: Autumn Literacy Bundle (3-6yrs) Language
  • Modern Classical Homeschool: Grammar Symbol Mad Libs (3-9yrs) Language
  • Montessori Inspired Company: Advanced Nouns Expansion Pack (6-12yrs) Language
  • Arrows & Applesauce: Fall Preschool Activity Bundle (2-6yrs) Language, Math, and Nature
  • Design Studio Teti: Autumn Matching & Sorting (2-9yrs) Art, Language, Nature, and Sorting
  • Jo Jo Ebi: Autumn Festivals Activities Pack (3-12yrs) All subjects
  • Jo Jo Ebi: Autumn Festivals Bonus Monkey Pack (3-12yrs) All subjects
  • Montessori Kiwi: Inventors and Inventions (3-9yrs) Nature and Zoology
  • Jo Jo Ebi: Autumn Festivals 3 Part Cards (3-12yrs) Culture and Language
Practical Life
  • Whisking Apples: Etiquette Recipes, Activities & Lessons (3-6yrs) Language and Practical Life
  • Willow and Owl Toys: Autumn Tea Time (9-12yrs) Practical Life
  • Modern Classical Homeschool: Chess Game (3-9yrs) Practical Life Games
  • Momma In Japan: Autumn Recipes (3-12yrs) Practical Life
  • Montessori Multilingual: Fall Gratitude Cards (6-12yrs) Art, Language, and Practical Life

Fall Mega Bundle 2 US$39

With the second Mega Bundle, you get everything in Bundle 1 PLUS Winter & Holiday upgrade for US$39. This is a total value of $700 worth of printables.

Oh but I heard a little something through the grapevine… Use code UPGRADE5 to pay only $US35!

Fall Mega Bundle 2021

How long does the Fall Mega Bundle take to arrive?

That’s one of the beauties of the whole experience! You have instant access to all your files! We are talking digital products here. Each product is a pdf, ready to save to your computer, tablet, cloud, or where ever you store your digital treasures, ready to print as you need them.

There are no physical materials so no need to be waiting for the postman.

Ways to Use Your Printables

There are so many different experiences that you can create with these Montessori printables.

Have fun and get creative with your curriculum delivery! More learning will be had through play – even the bigger kids!

While they don’t need to be Insta worthy or complicated, you can set up age-appropriate learning experiences that are engaging and FUN!

  • take mushroom activities with you when you go foraging
  • collect leaves during your morning walk to accompany a nature activity
  • visit a farm and use your resources to reflect on your day
  • turn them your printables into wall hangings or bunting
  • add printables to sensory play activities for osmotic learning
  • use different materials eg, trace with paint or in a tray of coloured salt
  • bake some treats for your neighbours

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