Jungle Bingo: Toy Review

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Does your family love board games or are you looking at starting your own board game collection? You NEED to check out the latest release from Laurence King Publishing : Jungle Bingo!

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Toy Review: Jungle Bingo

I was lucky enough to be gifted this family orientated, fun filled game in exchange for my review however all opinions and judgements made are my own.

When I was first introduced to Jungle Bingo, I was instantly attracted to the variety of animals on the box. It was described to me as ‘a game that is just as fun for a four year old as it is to a ten year old’. This statement certainly sings loud and true for our family!

First Impressions

Upon opening the parcel pack, we were greeted by a bright green box covered with a variety of different animals. Miss 5 was thrilled to put her reading skills to the match, using the cartoon styled illustrations as props to assist her naming each of the animals on the box. Once her and Miss 2 had examined the outer box, they were eager to open the game box to reveal the unknown fun inside.

What’s in the Box

Upon opening the top of the box we found:

  • Sturdy game board
  • Flat pack ‘lion’ box
  • Eight game card
  • Discs
  • Animal Tokens

Four busy hands separated the animal tokens from the sheet. While they were separating the tokens, I assembled the ‘lion box’ in preparation of our first game. It didn’t take long for us to open up the game board, divide the discs by three and have the animal tokens within the lion box. The instructions for play are printed on the inner lid of the box – super superb idea, no losing these instructions! They were easy to read and interpret.

There were eight bingo game cards, perfect for eight players. The animal discs are made from solid, quality cardboard. The discs are made from a thinner paper but still of high quality. The lion box was simple to assemble, made of a quality, laminated card. At first thought, I had considered how long it may last with my tribe however it proved to be sturdy and I imagine it should hold up to the test of time (providing Miss 2 doesn’t eat it; she has taken to chewing everything just like back when she was a 10 month old!)

Playing Jungle Bingo

We invited Mr 11 to join us once we were set up and ready to rock and roll. Curious eyes glanced up from the book he was reading to access his interest before he accepted the invitation and settled into a spot set up at the table.

I explained the concept of the game; remove an animal disc from the lion box and announce it to the players. Players with the animal on their game cards place a token over the animal before the disc is placed onto the main game board. First person to get four covered in a line, wins the game!

While it took Miss 2 a few cards in before she understood the concept, Miss 5 and Mr 11 caught on from the get go – they loved it!

Discovering New Animals

Calling out each animal, the kids were attentively scanning their boards before peering over at their competitors. Each animal revealed was a new injection of excitement!

We learnt new animals, previously unbeknown to us. This game opened up conversations around where in the world the animals live, what they eat, the noises they may make, whether they are large or small, the climates they live in and related animals that we are familiar with.

I loved how each card was simply but brightly illustrated and was accompanied by the written name on each card. There was a range of birds, mammals, insects and aquatic animals.

Miss 2 was the winner of our first round and she was stoked! It took about 15 minutes of play before we announced the winner. We continued to play out the game until each of the kids made a line of four. As the game board filled up, it was then that we learnt that the reverse side of the animal tokens seemed to puzzle!

Educational Opportunities

Jungle Bingo really is a fabulous game for the whole family. I love the educational elements that comes into play throughout the game:

  • Pre-literacy Scanning
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Sequencing Events
  • Listening
  • Social Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Patience

This is without mentioning the passive learning of new animals and information that can be learnt through researching and discussing them!

Jungle Bingo does tick all the boxes to make it a fun, quirky and engaging game for the whole family. I have a feeling there will be many fond memories forged surrounding this new family favourite board game!

Dani D x

Disclosure: This Blog does contain affiliate links which I may earn a small commission from if you purchase through them, at no extra cost to you.

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