Ways You Can Keep The Kids Busy This Summer

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Now that summers here, the school holidays have also made an appearance. It can sometimes be difficult to know how to keep the kids busy over the summer. However, you don’t want to risk not organising anything. By the end of the holidays, you’ll be pulling your hair out. Thinking of things to do doesn’t always have to involve going out and about. It can also include just as much time indoors. Sometimes people get caught up on the assumption they think they should be taking their kids out all day every day. Time at home can be just as valuable!

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Ways You Can Keep The Kids Busy This Summer

Are you struggling to think of some ideas to do with the kids this summer? Have a look below for some inspiration of both days in and days out: 

Days Out

There is definitely a huge array of activities you can get the kids involved with on days out. Especially in the summer months when the weather is perfect. You don’t always want to be cooped up at home and a day out is the way to solve this.  Have a look here at some of the days out you could arrange this summer: 

  • A Trip To The Beach: Not only is this a free day out, it’s a day that the whole family can enjoy. With things such as water sports, beach, games and sandcastle competitions to delve into it’s not a surprise that many parents choose to head to the shore when the sun is out. You could even pack a picnic or a barbeque (if it’s permitted).
  • Theme Parks- A great one for the kids is definitely heading to a theme park for the days. It’s one of those kids activities that never fails to please. Yes, it can sometimes be expensive. If you budget for a few days out be sure to include a trip to your closest park. 
  • Day At The Park- Whether you choose to drive to a park elsewhere, ride your bikes or walk to the local park a day, a park is always a favourite with kids of all ages. The younger ones will play for hours on the equipment. The older kids will play popular games such as football, cricket and hide and seek for hours on end. This means that you also get the chance to relax a bit in the sunshine. It’s another great place for a picnic and set up camp for the day. 
  • Museums- Ok, so not all children will appreciate a museum trip. However, in the summer they tend to put on special exhibitions and events, especially for the kids, so keep your eye out for these. 

Days In 

If you’re just ready for a day at home, the weathers not great or you’ve blown through your days out budget, you always have the option to find fun activities to do at home. It doesn’t have to be boring and there is still plenty to do. It also give your children the time and space they might want to spend in their own rooms. Children want their own space just as much as us sometimes. Have a look here at some of the fun activities you can arrange at home: 

  • Theatre Day: You could set up your living room as a puppet theatre room for the day. Everyone can pick out their stories and characters to act them out. For the added touch of wow, why not set up some formal seating using dining chairs to make it feel extra special. 
  • Camping In The Garden: You don’t have to go out and about to enjoy the outdoors, not when you can set up a mini-camp in the garden, you could even let your kids camp out for the night on a mini-adventure. You can go all out and even add a fake fire, have lanterns and camp chairs. Then cook some campfire food for them to enjoy. 
  • Arts And Crafts- Normally most parents nightmare is the thought of arts and crafts however it’s a brilliant activity for mental and creative stimulation for your kids, and if you arrange certain days for it you can be prepared for the mess. Try setting up some work stations and get all sorts for them to use, paints, papers, stencils, glitter (uh oh!) and many more. You could even set up a crafting area in the garden. 

Have you got more idea? Please share!

These are just a few ideas to get you started with keeping the kids busy this summer, hopefully, it’s just what you need to get the ideas flowing, is there any activities that your kids love to take part in over the summer? Please share them in comments below. 

Disclosure: This Blog does contain affiliate links which I may earn a small commission from if you purchase through them, at no extra cost to you.

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