Eight Things People Won’t Tell You About Pregnancy

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There is nothing sweeter than the news of a new baby. A tiny, perfect bundle of joy with a scrunched up little face and a lifetime of possibilities in their eyes – and you get to look forward to it. The time is now. You’ve peed on the stick, it finally went blue, and you’re about to embark on one of the biggest adventures that you will ever take. You’re excited! There’s a baby shower in your future, a gender reveal, tiny booties that both grandmothers are going to knit. It’s all mapped out. Welcome to pregnancy!

Eight Things People Won’t Tell You About Pregnancy

Except… Except it doesn’t quite go like that. Every single magazine out there has the beautiful woman who is smiling widely, cradling her bump and throwing her head back and laughing. Her house is clean. She’s got a salad on the counter and a pint of water to go with it. And you? You’re still trying to clean the splatters of puke from this morning’s expulsion while trying not to continue throwing up at 2pm. You’re sweaty and trying not to cry (or pee with the force of the heaving). No one told you about this part. No one said how hard it would be just to be pregnant; the most natural thing in the world. No one told you you’d feel crummy from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. What else didn’t they tell you would happen? Let’s find out!

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What Dignity?

Do you remember the days that you could sneeze and feel fine? Now you suddenly have to cross your legs and run for it – and you didn’t even need to pee when the sneeze was building! You no longer have doubts whipping off your knickers when the doctor needs to examine you when you’re worrying you’re in labor; it’s all on the table – literally – when you’re pregnant. You’ll talk boobs, piles, discharge and more with your doctor and even close friends. Pregnancy took that dignity you held onto and exposed you. It’s not avoidable.

Ice Cravings During Pregnancy

The whole pickles and ice cream thing? Not all that common. Did you know that chowing down on cubes of ice is actually one of the most common pregnancy cravings? The thing is, it’s not always about the solid cold goodness. Ice cravings are indicative of an iron deficiency. If you suddenly feel the need to crunch crushed icy goodness, it may be worth seeing your doctor about getting your levels checked and an iron supplement for pregnancy being prescribed. Your body always needs something if there’s a craving around, but isn’t this one weird?

Pregnancy Books Lie

I’m sorry that you wasted your money on six different pregnancy books that tell you what you should expect at XYZ week, but they’re lying. You’re 20 weeks, and baby is still breech. The book says he/she should have flipped by now, but yours hasn’t. Is it cause to panic? Nope. All these books are done on averages. So if 60/100 researched babies were flipped, they’ll tell you that “by now yours should be head down”. No one tells you that your baby could be one of the 40 leftovers who doesn’t follow the rules! Good luck with that.

You’ll Need Someone To Help

Not with the baby part, with you! Some of the funniest pregnancy moments come from asking your partner or your friend to help you put your socks on, to shave the awkward bit around your ankles, or even to shave some truly awkward bits! Our advice? Book yourself in for a wax with a professional or go au naturale. You won’t care about a little lady fluff when you’re in the stirrups, and a person is exiting your body.

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Everyone Gives Unwanted Advice

Oh, you’re going to hate this bit. As soon as people find out that you’re pregnant, they believe it’s their right to ask you personal questions about your body. Are you eating more than necessary? Are you eating enough? OH MY GOODNESS IS THAT COFFEE? Have your boobs started leaking yet? Oh, the questions will come. They’ll touch your belly without permission. The best way to combat this intrusion is to start responding with your own personal questions. If they can give it, they can take it!

Maternity Clothes Have Moved

The one time you truly need to try on new clothes is when you’re buying from the maternity section. However, most stores have swapped things around and have moved their maternity wear to their online store. So, you will be expected to buy online, try on at home and return at your convenience. Um, no. Just no.

You Forgot The Baby

Not while it is growing inside you, but no one tells you while you’re pregnant that you’re thinking about this beautiful baby and nothing else. You’ve not thought about yourself WITH the baby, and why would you? In your pregnancy bubble, you don’t have to do too much yet. You do need to get on board with thinking about being in charge of a life, though, and it’s something you need to ask questions about!

There Will Be A Moment

Going off the last point, there’s going to be a terrifying moment that you realize that this person you’ve carefully built from scratch is going to exit your body. Every new mom gets birth fear at least once in pregnancy, and it’s usually as your body doesn’t feel like it can stretch out anymore. The fear? It’s real. It’s normal. And you’re going to boss this thing no matter the way the baby exits!

Pregnancy is a beautiful, life-changing experience, and there is truly no other experience out there that can measure up. What you need to remember, though, is that your body is going through a lot right now. Take time to connect with yourself, embrace the icky bits and get excited. You’re going to enter a very messy and disorganized stage of life. It’s called Parenthood. You’re going to love it.

Disclosure: This Blog does contain affiliate links which I may earn a small commission from if you purchase through them, at no extra cost to you.

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