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Yumbox Presto Leakproof Stainless Steel Bento Lunchbox Review

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This is an ultimate review of the Yumbox Presto stainless steel leakproof bento lunchbox Australia.

Over recent years, a considerable shift has been made towards more sustainable stainless steel lunch boxes. 

Yumbox has long been known for its amazing range of bento-style lunchboxes. 

Well, it is time to get excited folks because PRESTO – there is a new kid in town, and it’s something to talk about. 

Yumbox has expanded its range to include a bento box that we all know and love but in stainless steel with a high quality silicone lid.

Introducing, the Yumbox Presto.

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yumbox presto leakproof stainless steel bento lunchbox review

When I consider the sustainable swaps our household has made, stainless steel has been a large part of the trades that have passed the test of time.

We have traded plastic pegs for stainless steel pegs.

Then there was swapping the plastic mixing bowls for stainless steel.

We have swapped Teflon-coated non-stick pans for stainless steel cooking pans.

Years ago we began to use stainless steel lunch boxes and have not looked back.

While our plastic Yumbox Original and Yumbox Panino still gets plenty of game time, hearing that Yumbox released a sparkling new stainless steel lunchbox bought an excited twinkle to my eye. 

When we had the opportunity to review the stainless steel Yumbox, we jumped at the chance. 

We were kindly gifted a Yumbox Presto for the purpose of our review. 

All opinions are our own and based on our experience with our new Yumbox Presto.

Yumbox Presto Unboxing

what is yumbox presto stainless bento steel lunchbox?

The Yumbox Presto is a more sustainable 5- compartment, bento-style lunch box with stainless steel tray designed for whole family. 

Yumbox Presto fits so many on go meals, or snacks. They are a great size for users of all ages. 

From being a ideal choice and great size for kids to active teens, Yumbox makes providing healthy meals while out and about simpler.

It is the Yumbox that we have known for years, only with a stainless steel food tray. 

The molded stainless steel tray

Yumbox has made the sustainable swap from a plastic tray to an 18/8 / 304 grade stainless steel bento molded tray made with food-safe materials.

The classic convenience of the pre-proportioned compartments carries through to the practical leakproof design Yumbox Presto.

The wells hold ideal portion sizes for lots of variety for young children, preschool – age children, preteens and adults.

The Yumbox Presto features five perfect size compartments including four deep wells plus one shallow treat or dip well with star embossment.

One feature that I am loving, at first sight, is the lack of wells for water to gather in after washing which has been something that has rattled my cage when cleaning the insert of the Yumbox Original. 

At first glance, it looks like the water will simply run off before being towel dried. 

No more small spaces to dry before storing.

Yumbox folded stainless steel tray

The latch

It has an easy-to-open single latch design.

The convenient latch makes for simple opening. Mr 3 has been able to open the Presto since he was 2.

The lid

The outer plastic lid is ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which is BPA-free, Phlahalates-free, food safe, CPSIA, FDA, and CE compliant.

A leakproof silicone seal lid seals all compartments. 

The meticulously designed silicone seal is the major factor to the leakproof construction.

And… this is something to get excited about. 

The food grade silicone seal features a single lip that seals each compartment.

No more thin tracks to dry or get crumbs out of like previous Yumbox bento designs. 


It is the best seal to wash and dry yet!

If you know, you know. 

The lid is secured with a single child-friendly, easy-open latch in the front centre of the lunchbox. 

Once unfastened the lid swings seamlessly on two hinges on the rear of the food tray. 

No lost lids happening here!

All Yumbox products undergo thorough safety testing, and compliance checks for utmost safety, and safety assurance.

Yumbox Presto Latch
Yumbox Presto Lid

in short…

In short, the Yumbox Presto ticks a lot of boxes. 

  1. Sustainable, high-quality, non-toxic materials. 
  2. Leakproof – holding wet foods like yogurt and dip, not water
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Child-friendly easy- open close latch
  5. Five compartments
  6. Compact and lightweight design – holding 880ml (30 oz) or 3.5 cups, weighing 700g (1.5lbs)
  7. Colourful lid choices
  8. Makes packing a healthier nutritious lunch easier
  9. Encourages children to eat their lunch

Buy Yumbox Presto

what are the yumbox presto specifications


25cm (long) x 20cm (wide) x 5cm (high) or 9.75in (long) x 7.8in (wide) x 2in (high)


700g or 1.5lbs

total volume

880ml or 30oz or 3.5 cups

individual compartment volumes

1 x Large Compartment: 1.5 cups

1 x Medium Compartment: 3/4 cup

2 x Small Compartment: 1/2 cups

1 x Dip or Treat Compartment: 1/4 cup

is the yumbox presto heavy?

When compared to our other stainless steel lunchboxes, I would say that the Yumbox Presto is not as heavy as others around the same size. 

When I first opened the Presto, I was surprised to discover that the lid held more weight than the stainless steel food tray. 

However, having learned about the benefits of using ABS plastics, it is understandable that this hardwearing, durable material has a bit of weight in it.

Yumbox presto closed

is yumbox presto leakproof?

The sleek molded silicone seal on the Yumbox Presto’s lid engages with the tray to create a tight seal. 

This seal keeps food content within each compartment, including wet foods such as yogurt, apple sauce, and dips but not water.

four easy packing tips 

  1. Removes excess liquid from fruit, yogurt, applesauce, and canned fruit.
  2. Do not overfill compartments to ensure a secure seal
  3. Keep food contents cool by using an ice pack in your insulated bag
  4. When securing the lid, press down on the centre of the lid with one palm while fastening the latch closed with your other hand

what types of foods can be packed in a yumbox presto?

Wow, a shorter list would be what types of foods cannot be packed in a Yumbox Presto.

There are so many potential healthy foods that can be packed in your Yumbox Presto.

  • Sandwiches, wraps, rolls, scrolls
  • Rice paper rolls
  • Rice, noodles, pasta
  • Meatballs, chicken balls, fish balls
  • Cheese, yogurts
  • Salmon patties, chicken patties, bean patties
  • Chicken, fish, pork strips
  • Salads
  • Fresh fruit
  • Pikelets, pancakes, fritters
  • Dehydrated fruit, fruit leather
  • Dippy veg and pack dips
  • Crackers, tortilla strips, soya crisps
  • Cookies, slices, cakes, bliss balls
yumbox presto lunchbox

Yumbox Presto is designed for cold or room-temperature foods. 

Avoid warm or hot foods. Don’t let this deter you from serving leftovers though – leftovers can still be super yummy, filling, and handy when cold. 

Waste not, want not – including food and time. 

Cook once, eat twice. 

Reduces food waste.

Saves time ensures nutritious foods and saves money too.

Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

can you fit a sandwich in a yumbox presto?

Yes – you can fit a sandwich or even a small roll in the Yumbox Presto. 

Simply cut your sandwich into quarters or soldiers to fit it into the compartments.

is yumbox presto dishwasher safe?

To clean your Yumbox Presto, hand wash in warm soapy water. 

It is NOT dishwasher safe.

Always ensure the lunchbox is completely dry before storing it with the lid open or ajar.

how do you clean yumbox silicone?

If regularly packing oily foods, use a paste of baking soda once a week overnight on the silicone seal to remove any build-up. Ensure the silicone is dry prior to storing.

yumbox presto hinge

what age is yumbox presto suitable for?

Yumbox Presto is recommended for preteens, teens, and adults by Yumbox. 

In saying that, my Mr 2 has quite the appetite and I use Yumbox Presto for his lunches and snacks while we are out and about. 

His morning tea and lunch both fit comfortably in one Presto. 

This certainly makes things easier when out and about with three children and their snacks and lunches. One box each is a happy day.

So… that being said, I am going to say preschooler to an adult if your little one has a larger appetite.

is a yumbox presto good for adults?

Yes – Yumbox Presto holds 3.5 cups of food which is suited for an adult’s lunch as well as a child’s lunch. 

Gone are the days when lunchboxes stopped at school age. 

There is a Yumbox suited for everyone in the family. 

why are bento boxes so popular?

Bento boxes make creating balanced, healthy lunches easy.

That being said, they also make it easier for children to eat a healthy, balanced lunch too. Different foods can be packed together without touching. This is a great way to introduce new foods. Pack something familiar along with a little something new without the risk of the new food contaminating the familiar.

Bento boxes are easy to pack and convenient will multiple courses within one singular lunchbox. No more fiddling with multiple containers or lost lids and portions are easy to manage. 

Bento boxes reduce the amount of packaging waste including single-serve snack wrappers, sandwich wraps, and foils.

The multiple compartments encourage a variety of foods to be packed, offering a more balanced, healthy meal. 

Whether you are packing a school lunch, lunchbox for afterschool snacks or for Mum and Dad to take to work, the Yumbox is a bento box that is going to make the task of providing healthy food for your family, that much easier. 

Yumbox presto hinged lid

where to buy yumbox presto 

Yumbox Presto can be bought at Biome.

what colours are available?

Yumbox has released the Presto in five amazing colours so there is one to suit all tastes.

  • Santa Fe Blue
  • Rose Pink
  • Kale Green
  • Remy Lavender
  • Tulum Blue

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