A Gift Guide for Two-Year-Old​ Toddlers

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Trying to choose a gift for your nearest and dearest can be quite challenging. There are so many options available! Browsing through stores and scanning websites for endless hours can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Here is a comprehensive gift guide for your two year old to make buying for your child a more time-efficient and enjoyable task.

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A Gift Guide For Two-Year-Old Toddlers

No matter how well you know your child, trying to find the perfect gift can be a chore that many of us spend hours wracking our brains over. Searching online, scanning social media and experimenting with different hashtags can result in rabbit hole of ideas and inspiration that can take up so much time! Overcoming this challenge! Brake down the challenge into just a few steps.

Play to your child’s interests

A child is more likely to enjoy and engage in play that is going to spark curiosity and be aligned with their interests. Does your child love dinosaurs? Encourage their passion! Use dinosaurs as a centre of your gift searching. Does your child love outdoor play? Focus around their outdoors interests. Do they like playing with balls, in the sandpit or searching for bugs in the garden? Keeping their interests in mind will not only increase the likelihood of choosing the perfect gift, but it also eliminates lots of options.

Gift guides for your two year old

Gift suggestions for two year old

Consider developmental levels

Toddlers develop at different rates. Some are walking by 10 months and others don’t start until they are 15 months. The age that each of our kids reaches their milestones can differ, however, the order that these milestones are met is much the same. A baby cannot be expected to talk before he babbles. A toddler can not be expected to run before he walks. The same can be said for many skills. A skipping rope can be a great gift idea. However, this being said, it is not an appropriate choice for a two-year-old. Developmentally, a two-year-old cannot be expected to have the skills to use a skipping rope the way it is intended. The average two year old will begin to

Learning about emotions, and learning the names of… everything, are important topics to discuss and build upon with your two year old. Two year olds are aware of much more than they are able to communicate. As their vocabulary increases, the frustrations of a two year old are easier for both them and parent to handle.

Think ahead

How long do you think your child will play with the gift you have in mind? Will it be something that sits on the shelf gathering dust or will in really contribute to meaningful interaction? The year between two and three years of age comes with huge leaps. When choosing a gift, try and think ahead. Yes, it may be perfect now, however in six months’ time, is it still going to hold the same quality value for the child?

The gift of life experience

Instead of toys, why not consider gifting an annual pass to a place you know your child would love! Here in Perth, Western Australia, we have Scitech, Perth Zoo and the Aquarium of Western Australia. Each of these venues can offer a child real-life experiences and learning, as well as annual passes! This makes visiting much more affordable for families to visit all year round.

All this being said, the most valuable gift you may offer your child is quality time spent with them. Listening to them talk about their favourite things, asking them questions to show your interest, reading books and having a giggle are all tasks which hold more value than anything that can be purchased at a store.

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Disclosure: This Blog does contain affiliate links which I may earn a small commission from if you purchase through them, at no extra cost to you.

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