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Milking Cows with Your Toddler

We are celebrating all things farming in our play this week. What do farmers do first thing in the morning? Your toddler will love to as well!

They milk their cows!

Milking Cows with Your Toddler

Over breakfast and their bowls filled with cereal and milk, we spoke about where milk comes from and how the milk gets from the cow to our fridge. From there the discussion went to all the different things that are made from milk that we use all the time

  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Cream
  • Butter

We are certainly appreciating our bovine friends today!

After cleaning up, I rummaged through my old beautician supplies and pulled out a glove. A few splotches drawn on with a sharpie and nicks in a few fingers and presto! We had our own cow to practise milking!

Setting up your cow

To start off our udderly fun (get it? Haha I’m hilarious!) activity, I filled the glove with water and held it over a bucket while Miss 4 and Miss 20m took turn squeezing the fingers aka teats. They loved it!

This is a great work out for their hands and fingers – hello fine motor skills! With every squeeze, relax and squeeze, the small muscles in their hands and fingers get stronger!

Once they got the knack of squeezing the water through the holes, I have them an additional challenge.


I asked Miss 4 to hold the glove while her sister milked the cow. They did really well! Miss 4 was patient with her sister and they took turns refilling the glove before the next person had a turn.

Once Miss 20m lost interest, Miss 4 continued by herself. Using one hand to hold the glove and the other to squeeze, this activity became one that helped build up her bilateral coordination skills. Using both sides of the body to complete a task is an important life skill!

All in all, this quick to set up activity was a success! Both the girls enjoyed it. I even got a “Thanks for this activity Mum, I’m really enjoying it!” from Miss 4.

My little farmers are excited for the week to come. Stay tuned for more farm fun to come!

Dani D x

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