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Learn about Adding and Subtracting with Frogs in a Pond!

Learning how to count is such an important skill. We use numbers in some way or form every day. Putting our well rehearsed numbers into context will help deepen our children's understanding of their value. To do this, Miss 4 and I created our very own little game. How to Play To play the game,… Continue reading Learn about Adding and Subtracting with Frogs in a Pond!

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Fine Motor Fun With Play Dough Letter and Numbers

Learning letters and numbers doesn't have to be all text books and flash cards. Your child certainly doesn't need a pencil in hand to begin to build up skills that will assist them in their handwriting journey either! With this in mind, we set up a fun play dough activity that would allow both Miss… Continue reading Fine Motor Fun With Play Dough Letter and Numbers

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Milking Cows with Your Toddler

We are celebrating all things farming in our play this week. What do farmers do first thing in the morning? They milk their cows! Over breakfast and their bowls filled with cereal and milk, we spoke about where milk comes from and how the milk gets from the cow to our fridge. From there the… Continue reading Milking Cows with Your Toddler

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Getting Ready for Kindy

Itโ€™s that nerve wracking time for many parents. Enrolments into Kindy have been completed and now itโ€™s the waiting game until the beginning of the next school year. Such a bittersweet isn't it? Getting their children 'ready' for their first day of formal schooling is a topic that has been coming up in conversation lately.… Continue reading Getting Ready for Kindy

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Reading Expressions with DIY Emotion Masks

Being able to read others facial expressions is an important life skill. Whether it be at the playground, school yard or workplace, being able to interpret how someone is feeling by their facial expression is a valuable attribute and consequential social skill. We thought we would have a play with some facial expressions using some… Continue reading Reading Expressions with DIY Emotion Masks

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Matching Egg-Motions

We found another use for our old egg shells! Introducing Egg-Motions! Another little DIY project that gravitates around our Emotion themed play for the week. After collecting, washing and drying some egg shells, we drew some emotions on the shells and matched them with our emotions flash cards. The shells proved to be a challenged… Continue reading Matching Egg-Motions

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DIY Learning Emotions Puzzle

Learning how to read and interpret facial expressions and body language is a important social skill. From the very get go, babies begin to look at faces. Did you know that a baby can only see about 30cm in front of them? Coincidentally, that is also the distance from a mother's breast (where little bubba… Continue reading DIY Learning Emotions Puzzle

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Edible Insect Dig in the Dirt

Sensory play is the best! With little Miss 19m getting involved, I am always trying to keep our play medium taste safe or better yet, edible. Here is a flash back to when she was 15 month old. I had been meaning to write this one up but it got lost in the baby brain… Continue reading Edible Insect Dig in the Dirt

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Fine Motor Plaque Attack

We all know that daily brushing of our teeth is very important for dental health. The recommended three minutes of brushing twice a day can seem like a lot of work for our little ones. Miss 4 was having one of those days when everything was just taking to long- including brushing her teeth. What… Continue reading Fine Motor Plaque Attack

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How to Make Playdough

Playdough is a very popular sensory medium that can be used for so many different play experiences. Whatever the theme of your play, playdough could be incorporated into an activity. Create sculptures, press it into shapes, letters, numbers, run toy cars over it to see the tyre prints, roll it out to make snakes, bake… Continue reading How to Make Playdough