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How to Colour Rice

There is a lot to be said for sensory play. Not only is sensory play, HEAPS of fun, it's inviting, engaging and provides your child with so many learning opportunities! Sensory play involves engaging your child's senses; touch, sound, taste, smell and sight. It involves your child actively participating in an activity that stimulates a… Continue reading How to Colour Rice

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Oobleck- A Sensory Marvel

If there is ever a time when I need to choose a sensory medium that will be the last we will ever have in the world, it would be Oobleck. It is such a captivating medium! I often find myself still running my fingers through it long after the kids have finished. Now Oobleck isn't… Continue reading Oobleck- A Sensory Marvel

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Edible Insect Dig in the Dirt

Sensory play is the best! With little Miss 19m getting involved, I am always trying to keep our play medium taste safe or better yet, edible. Here is a flash back to when she was 15 month old. I had been meaning to write this one up but it got lost in the baby brain… Continue reading Edible Insect Dig in the Dirt

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Fine Motor Plaque Attack

We all know that daily brushing of our teeth is very important for dental health. The recommended three minutes of brushing twice a day can seem like a lot of work for our little ones. Miss 4 was having one of those days when everything was just taking to long- including brushing her teeth. What… Continue reading Fine Motor Plaque Attack

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Taste Safe Mud Play

Today was our first super sunny day of spring. Super sunny makes water play a must! I asked Miss 19m if she would like to play in some water and her reaction was priceless! Her eyes sparkled as she yelled, "Bubbles! Bubbles!" That isn't initially what I had in mind however it sounded great! The… Continue reading Taste Safe Mud Play

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Science Play – A Rainbow Eruption

The school holidays have began and one of my goals is to up the science play. Mr 10 loves science and is like a sponge for intel around the subject. With the two girl around, I needed to come up with an interesting experiment that was also safe for them to be involved in. Bicarbonate… Continue reading Science Play – A Rainbow Eruption

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How to Colour Pasta

Pasta is a staple pantry item in most kitchens. It can also be a useful resource in the playroom too! Use pasta in sensory play, small world play, craft activities and to create masterpieces! Chunky varieties are perfect for developing hands to practise threading, smaller types make for the perfect substrate for sensory bottles and… Continue reading How to Colour Pasta

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Nature and Nude Playdough

Scrolling through social media, I often get caught up in the hype of elaborate activities and play ideas for the kids. While they are still on the cards, today I thought we would bring our play down a notch and ground ourselves with some simplicity. I love offering different experiences for my children and following… Continue reading Nature and Nude Playdough

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Colour Sorting a Rainbow

Children are attracted to bright colours. When you think about it, it's the brightly coloured fruits that are often the sweetest, most ripe and packed with nutrition. While I love natural tones of our environment, these bright colours have been really fun to work with! After colouring our Rainbow Nuts the other day, we have… Continue reading Colour Sorting a Rainbow

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How to Make Playdough

Playdough is a very popular sensory medium that can be used for so many different play experiences. Whatever the theme of your play, playdough could be incorporated into an activity. Create sculptures, press it into shapes, letters, numbers, run toy cars over it to see the tyre prints, roll it out to make snakes, bake… Continue reading How to Make Playdough