Oobleck Construction Site Sensory Play

Embrace your toddler’s love for diggers, dump trucks, and excavators with this oobleck construction site sensory play activity. Oobleck Construction Site Sensory Play Oozy Oobleck is a fun and sensory material that toddlers can play with. Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid is made by mixing cornstarch and water. This substance behaves like both a liquid […]

Construction Trucks Taste Safe Dirt Sensory Bin

Learn how to make a construction trucks taste-safe dirt sensory bin for your toddler. Construction trucks are all the rage in our house at the moment. This super simple sensory play idea was quick to set up. It kept Mr 2 engaged in learning with a busy mind and busy hands for the better part […]

Beginners Sensory Play Course Review

Okay it’s time to get excited and feel the weight lift off your shoulders- the Beginners Sensory Play Course is a comprehensive and insightful introduction to the world of sensory play for parents, early childhood educators, and teachers alike and it is ready to play… now. Little Wooden Toybox’s Beginners Sensory Play Course Review Toddlers […]

Pom Pom Soup Fine Motor Sensory Play

If you have pom poms lying around then pom pom soup is a must-do activity! If you don’t have any pom pom… get some! Pom poms are such versatile resources that can be used and reused repeatedly. We have been using the same pom poms (plus some) since Miss 8 was a toddler. They have […]

Taste Safe Water Beads for Sensory Play

Taste-safe or edible water beads are a great alternative to traditional water beads for safe sensory play for your baby and toddler! Tapioca pearls offer the same sensory opportunities as water beads while being completely edible! Parents can relax a little more knowing they provide their babies and toddlers with a great sensory play learning […]

Taste Safe Sensory Aquafaba Foam

Taste safe aquafaba play foam is such an amazing foam for toddler and baby sensory play. I have inherited a little saying from my dear, lovely Grandma – ‘Waste not, want not,’. When I heard about the numerous ways to use this amazing substance, I was thrilled to be able to use this product rather […]

Mini Beast Shredded Paper Sensory Bin

A shredded paper sensory bin is perfect for messy play! We are huge fans of bugs at our house. There aren’t often many days between a little six-legged friend joining us in play. The girls will often care for them in their little bug box before being re-released back into the garden. Today, we kept […]

Muddy Pigs Small World Sensory Play

Muddy pigs sensory play is so much fun! Muddy Pigs Small World How to make you taste safe mud aka chocolate oobleck for muddy pig play What you need to make chocolate oobleck Meet a favourite muddy pig – Portly Pig! Other pig themed childrens books How to make chocolate oobleck for muddy pigs play […]

Peek a Boo Sensory Discovery Board

Repurpose your nappy wipe lids to create a fun peek-a-boo sensory discovery board! This super simple baby play hack offers so many learning opportunities for your baby and toddler! Making your own peek-a-boo board is a great way to spend some time with your child, and it provides a variety of opportunities for learning and […]

Baby’s First Water Sensory Play

As a parent, one thing I have learned is that a child’s bad mood can often be turned around with water. When Mr 14 weeks was having a grump I instinctively thought to ‘just add water’. We set up baby’s first water sensory play. Baby’s First Water Sensory Play Water has been called upon to […]

How to Make Chia Seed Oobleck Slime for Sensory Play

Long have we known of and explored the amazing sensory substance that is Oobleck. When wondering how to take glorious oobleck to the next level, the texture of kids chia seed pudding came to mind. Then was born, Chia Seed Oobleck Slime! How to Make Chia Seed Oobleck Slime for Sensory Play Oobleck has been […]

Taste Safe Construction Sensory Play

Do you have a fan of trucks and vehicles at your place? This Construction themed small world, sensory play tray, is going to be right up their alley! Are you worried about your toddler eating the ‘dirt’? Fret not- It is completely taste-safe! Taste Safe Construction Sensory Play We have a new development happening at […]

Sensory Small World Taste Safe Beach

Sensory play is always a success at our place and with Miss 2 still putting everything in her mouth, we are always conscious of creating taste-safe sensory small world experiences. This Sensory Beach Small World was no exemption. Other than the toys, it was completely edible! Taste Safe Sensory Beach Small World After waking very […]

Edible Gloopy Slime for Sensory Play

One of the common questions I have been asked by parents lately has been requests for sensory play ideas for toddlers who are still putting everything in their mouth. This being said, there is certainly a lot for a young child to learn from their environment by mouthing so it really isn’t a behaviour that […]

How to Colour Rice for Sensory Play

Colouring rice for sensory play is so easy and kids just love playing with coloured rice. Not only is sensory play heaps of fun, it’s inviting, engaging and provides your child with so many learning opportunities! Sensory play involves engaging your child’s senses; touch, sound, taste, smell and sight. How to Colour Rice for Sensory […]

Oobleck- A Sensory Marvel

If there is ever a time when I need to choose a sensory medium that will be the last we will ever have in the world, it would be Oobleck. It is such a captivating medium! I often find myself still running my fingers through it long after the kids have finished. What is Oobleck? […]

How to Colour Pasta for Sensory Play

Use pasta in sensory play, small world play, craft activities and to create masterpieces! Chunky varieties are perfect for developing hands to practise threading, smaller types make for the perfect substrate for sensory bottles and the long varieties make for popular additions to sensory bins. How can we take such a great resource to the […]

Warm Winter Scented Sensory Water Play

Long winters days, tucked up inside often have my kids missing the sunny days of yesterday when they could go outside and play. Over the last summer and spring, we enjoyed playing outside, exploring different sights and smells and lots of water play. We washed the cars (grown up cars and the kids ones!), experimented […]

Our First Sensory Tray

I have always been a bit hesitant to involve Miss 14 months in our sensory tray activities. She loves putting things in her mouth, like many toddlers. The fear of her choking on the sensory medium, has been the leading factor of leading her to other play opportunities. Yesterday, while we were settling Miss 4 […]

Best Play Couch in Australia

Find the best play couch in Australia for your whole family with this comparative guide of all the play couches available down under. You will meet the brands, find a list of factors to consider, and then a comparison between the best play couches available in Australia. How many times have you guided your children […]