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Science Play – A Rainbow Eruption

The school holidays have began and one of my goals is to up the science play. Mr 10 loves science and is like a sponge for intel around the subject. With the two girl around, I needed to come up with an interesting experiment that was also safe for them to be involved in. Bicarbonate… Continue reading Science Play – A Rainbow Eruption

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Edible Sand Making Sensory Play Safe for Toddlers too!

We love getting messy with sensory play at our house. Pouring, poking, moulding, flexing, pressing, pinching, grabbing, stirring while exploring different textures makes learning fun and engaging! Miss 4 can typically refrain from putting the matter at hand into her mouth when asked however Miss 15m often submits to the temptation. While she loves getting… Continue reading Edible Sand Making Sensory Play Safe for Toddlers too!

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A Rainbow Jellyfish

The immediate result of giving some plastic straws and pair of scissors to four and nine year old quickly is a whole lot of teeny tiny coloured tubular pieces! To be honest, Miss 4 was being the ultimate pest to everyone in the family and I needed a quick activity that would keep her busy… Continue reading A Rainbow Jellyfish

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Food for Thought About Your Fussy Eater

One topic that often comes up amongst mummies when we are out and about is getting our love munchkins to eat their food. More often than not, if mummy was to prepare a lovely, healthy, well thought out, well assembled plate of quality nutrition, it seems that it is more common for our children to… Continue reading Food for Thought About Your Fussy Eater

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Styling With Some Fine Skills

Paper plates are great resource to pull out for a great activity. We have turned paper plates into aquariums, tambourines, wind whirlies and all sorts. Watching Miss 4 try and manipulate her scissors around a design the other day bought to my attention that this is an area we need to practise. A lot of… Continue reading Styling With Some Fine Skills


Homemade Yogurt- less sugar and more savings!

When I sit down and look for ways to make our weekly grocery shop more affordable, one thing that stood out was yoghurt. I had often seen post on Facebook of people making their own and it just looked to simple. I thought to myself, what's the catch? I found a popular recipe, did the… Continue reading Homemade Yogurt- less sugar and more savings!

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Poking Pom Poms!

Miss 15m loves screwing and unscrewing the lids from bottles, containers and little pots. Watching her manipulate her fingers in different positions and strategising how to remove the lid is so rewarding. She is learning to persist through trial and error- a skill that will continue to develop well into adult hood! This morning I… Continue reading Poking Pom Poms!

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Meal Plan Monday with Hello Fresh!

In the early hours of this morning Miss 14 months was unsettled. Once she was settled and I was tucked back up in bed. I stumbled for my phone and was excited to see a little notification bringing to my attention that a delivery had been made by my front door. Hello Fresh! It was… Continue reading Meal Plan Monday with Hello Fresh!


A Search for Grasshoppers

During this mornings story time, Miss 4 was excited to learn that grasshoppers can fly! While I had to remind her that not everything in stories is real (Scarface Claw very may well be the toughest tom in town in her favourite book however he is still just a drawing) she was delighted to learn… Continue reading A Search for Grasshoppers

Meal Plan Inspiration

Meal Plan Monday!

It's that day of the week when we open the fridge and create all sorts of dishes using the odd leftovers from the previous week. We are quarantining ourselves at the moment so running down to the supermarket wasn't an option. Miss 4 and I sat down with our Meal Planner to devise a strategy.… Continue reading Meal Plan Monday!