Meal Plan Monday with Hello Fresh!

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In the early hours of this morning Miss 14 months was unsettled. Once she was settled and I was tucked back up in bed. I stumbled for my phone and was excited to see a little notification bringing to my attention that a delivery had been made by my front door.

Hello Fresh!

It was freezing cold and early and dark so I had absolutely not intention of getting out of bed again however it was nice to drift off to sleep imagining what was inside of our first box.

An hour later it was 430am and Miss 14 months was ready to start her day – why must my children be such early risers?!

With the smallest child on my hip, we ventured outside to collect our box. There was a rush of pitter pattering feet as my excitement spread to Miss 4 too!

Upon opening the box, we were greeted with gorgeous fresh veg, meats and perfectly portioned accompaniments. This, of course, motivated me to grab our meal planner, wipe off last weeks menu and begin filling in this following weeks meals.

It didnt take long to have the week planned, shopping list complete and I even got to enjoy a warm cup of tea – its the small wins in life #mumlife

Monday – Harrisa Chicken with Pumpkin and Chickpease (Hello Fresh!)

Tuesday – Lemon and Barley Soup with Flat Bread

Wednesday – Korean Beef Taco (Hello Fresh!)

Thursday – Hulk Chicken aka Chicken Kievs with Roast Potato and Greens

Friday – Crumbed Pork with Sweet Potato Wedges and Coleslaw (Hello Fresh!)

Saturday – Slow cooked Beef Pasta

Sunday – Lasagna

Would you like to give Hello Fresh a shot? Little Wooden Toybox have teamed up with them to offer customers 40% off their first box. For more info click here and use coupon code HELLORAD40

I have already crossed off the tomato ketchup and yoghurt off my list of things to make.

Have you made your own yoghurt before? It is so easy! Stay tuned over the next fews days – Ill show you how I make it. Its a quarter of the price, no added sugar and literally three ingredients!

Dani D x


Disclosure: This Blog does contain affiliate links which I may earn a small commission from if you purchase through them, at no extra cost to you.

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