Learn and Grow with Creative Play!

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Whilst there is an ever growing pressure on our children to perform academically, there is so much for them to learn through unstructured, creative play.

Learn and Grow with Creative Play

Through creative play, your child will develop skills that will allow them to utilise information that they will learn in the classroom and put it into action rather than becoming “chanting learners”.little boy playing on wooden horse

Creative play is important for learning and development. It provides them with the opportunity to develop their

They may practice important life skills such as dressing themselves whilst playing dress ups and preparing meals while hosting a tea party.

There is no right or wrong outcome; creative play is simply about the process of creating something. Whether it may be creating

  • a drawing
  • sculpture
  • an instrument
  • a cubby house
  • a game of pirates

Your child will be able to explore their world and express themselves in a way that is just right for them.

They may practice situations they have experienced so to build a better understanding and interpretation of the events. This is really very interesting for us as parents to observe. We can learn a lot about what our children have perceived by watching them act out the scenario through creative play. It is also a way for them to escape the hustle of their everyday lives, allow them to unwind and relax.

As parents, how do we encourage our children to engage in creative play?playing in sand pit

Get excited

Share in the excitement of the activity! When finding a cardboard box, act excited for the opportunities that it will bring. Offer inspiration that will appeal to your childs interests. Plant the seed and see where it will take your child’s imagination.

Explore Materials

Give your child materials that they are familiar with and some that are new. Familiarity will give them confidence and the new materials will engage their curiosity. Paints, chalk, popsticks, toilet paper rolls, sticks, sand, mud, dress up clothes (Dads old work pants included 🙂 ), empty plastic bottles – the list is endless!

Be Present

Join in and offer affirmation! Be an active participant or simply commentate their actions. Offer inspiration by getting a piece of paper and joining them for some painting or put on an apron and ask them how you can help them in their play kitchen. Alternatively, praise them for their efforts and get excited with them when they try something new. Encourage them to tell the story behind what they are creating; why, how, what, who are all open ended questions to ask.

Pretend food is a great tool for any play kitchen. Your child can explore different foods in a no threat, non confrontational manner or simply replicate what they have seen their parents do each and everyday in the ‘grown up kitchen’.

Play sets offer many opportunities for creative play. Your child may arrange the pieces exactly how they like and then build up a story line surrounding their creation. Why not use a favourite book as inspiration and see how your childs imagination may evolve the story beyond whats in the pages.

Through creative play your child will be able to

  • experiment with different methods
  • take risks
  • tackle problems
  • find solutions
  • become more efficient thinkers

Expand your childs imagination and give them the opportunity to become confident decision makers!

Dani D x

Disclosure: This Blog does contain affiliate links which I may earn a small commission from if you purchase through them, at no extra cost to you.iBiome Eco Stores - Zero Waste, Toxin Free, Ethical ChoicesFree Delivery on all Books at the Book Depositoryilittle wooden toybox

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  1. Creative play is so important for young children. I have the most fun listening in on my daughters using her their big imaginations when playing together.

  2. Great post. I will recommend this to every parents. Creative plays will boost their logic and learning skills easily.

  3. Your post reminds me of my mom and all the things she did for us to have a very creative childhood! Thanks for bringing those beautiful memories.

  4. Creative play is actually a good idea for kids so they will be more productive and learning while having fun. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

  5. creative play is the best, they learn lots by it! We had play food as you mentioned when my kids were young. I pretty much had the majority of their toys that sparked creative play ; )

  6. Giving your child familiar items and new ones as well can help them better understand the concepts you’re teaching them. Always fun to learn through play, too.

  7. I am a huge can of learning through play. it is such a crucial part of a child’s development. I’m not a teacher yet, but Will be in about 1.5 year, and much of my lessons will incorporate child play.

  8. So true that creative games are vital for kids development. And it’s so fun to spend time with kids staying involved. Thanks for a wonderful read!

  9. These are such wonderful ideas! I love how you encourage us to be excited about what they are playing with too so they will be more excited and lean into that imagination and fun play.

  10. I don’t have children but I will pass this post to a friend of mine who has a one year old baby who is just learning how to play creatively and not just throw toys around. We actually just got him a rocking horse for Christmas. 🙂

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