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How to Make DIY Coloured Wooden Peg Dolls in Cups

Since learning about the importance of choosing toys that encourage growth rather than just entertain, I have been in love with wooden toys. A wooden toy doesn't simply just sit on the shelf. A child doesn't just sit back and watch them. Wooden toys feed a child's curiosity, fire up their imagination and engage a… Continue reading How to Make DIY Coloured Wooden Peg Dolls in Cups

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DIY Learning Emotions Puzzle

Learning how to read and interpret facial expressions and body language is a important social skill. From the very get go, babies begin to look at faces. Did you know that a baby can only see about 30cm in front of them? Coincidentally, that is also the distance from a mother's breast (where little bubba… Continue reading DIY Learning Emotions Puzzle

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Choosing Toys for your Children

How does you child play with their toys? Parent Activity: Make a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, sit near by and watch your child play with their toys Our children are sensory learners. They are equipped and geared to learn by exploring, examining and experiencing. When children are participating in an activity, their… Continue reading Choosing Toys for your Children

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Tapping into Fine Motor Play

We keep a fair number of our toys on rotation. Every couple of weeks or so, I'll go through and take some out of our play space and pop them away. These are then replaced with some that had been stored away. Its fun watching the kids explore the toys with fresh eyes. Miss 16m… Continue reading Tapping into Fine Motor Play

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Edible Sand Making Sensory Play Safe for Toddlers too!

We love getting messy with sensory play at our house. Pouring, poking, moulding, flexing, pressing, pinching, grabbing, stirring while exploring different textures makes learning fun and engaging! Miss 4 can typically refrain from putting the matter at hand into her mouth when asked however Miss 15m often submits to the temptation. While she loves getting… Continue reading Edible Sand Making Sensory Play Safe for Toddlers too!

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Food for Thought About Your Fussy Eater

One topic that often comes up amongst mummies when we are out and about is getting our love munchkins to eat their food. More often than not, if mummy was to prepare a lovely, healthy, well thought out, well assembled plate of quality nutrition, it seems that it is more common for our children to… Continue reading Food for Thought About Your Fussy Eater


A Search for Grasshoppers

During this mornings story time, Miss 4 was excited to learn that grasshoppers can fly! While I had to remind her that not everything in stories is real (Scarface Claw very may well be the toughest tom in town in her favourite book however he is still just a drawing) she was delighted to learn… Continue reading A Search for Grasshoppers

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Fine Motor Strengthening with Pegs

One of the biggest issues educators are seeing with kids entering kindy is their lack of fine motor skills. With this in mind, I try to offer opportunities to strengthen those tiny muscles in the fingers and hands throughout our play. Upon opening our craft cupboard and seeing a packet of pegs tucked under some… Continue reading Fine Motor Strengthening with Pegs

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Exploring the Reason Behind an Action

Our little people are going to make their mark on this world. In some form or another, their actions are going to have an effect on other people, their community and the environment on a global scale. As adults, we expect one another to be accountable for our actions. Whether it is to look both… Continue reading Exploring the Reason Behind an Action

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And just like that, she isnt a baby anymore.

I have always been a bit hesitant to involve Miss 14 months in our sensory tray activities. Like many toddlers, she loves putting things in her mouth and the fear of her choking on the sensory medium has been the leading factor of leading her play in the direction of other opportunities. Yesterday while we… Continue reading And just like that, she isnt a baby anymore.