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Frozen Fuzzy Spheres

Truth be told, I am a little embarrassed as to how long it has taken me to write this post! It has been sitting on the back burner for close to six months now. We have even since replicated this play activity a few times and each time I think to myself, I really do… Continue reading Frozen Fuzzy Spheres

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The Frustrations of a 2 Year Old

Have you ever had something on your mind but canโ€™t find the words to express how you feel or what you are thinking? Frustrating wasnโ€™t it? Welcome to the mind space of a 2 year old. At age two, your child is able to comprehend much more than they are able to communicate. Why is… Continue reading The Frustrations of a 2 Year Old

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A Small World Trip to Antarctica with a Toddler

Standing in kitchen this afternoon, I was watching the girls playing nicely but I could see that we were about to hit THAT time of day. Seams were beginning to come undone. The dreaded witching hour... haha... an hour. Oh that's funny... Between approximately 2pm and 6pm each afternoon Miss 4 and Miss 20m are… Continue reading A Small World Trip to Antarctica with a Toddler