DIY Sponge Water Bombs
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Splash into Summer: How to Create Diy Sponge Water Bombs

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I’ve found the perfect summer project to share with you: DIY Sponge Water Bombs.

After being gifted a pack of water bombs or water balloons, my children had the best afternoon filling and throwing them at each other. They were running around, being active it fits of laughter.

However as the giggles turned to requests for snacks as they ran low the aftermath was quite triggering.

Scattered across the yard were. coloured fragments of rubber. It seemed like such a waste.

But at the same time, the kids had the best time.

An alternative had to be found and that is what this article is about.

Reusable, waste free and still loads of fun for the whole family; DIY Sponge Water Bombs.

DIY Sponge water bomb pin

Introduction to DIY Sponge Water Bombs

These are not only a sustainable choice for water play but also promise a blast of fun.

By opting for reusable materials like sponges, zip ties, or cable ties, we splash into an eco-friendly alternative that keeps the excitement coming without the waste.

Envision the joy these colourful creations will bring, uniting all ages in a cool respite from the heat.

Embracing this DIY venture means engaging in an activity that benefits our planet while providing endless entertainment.

Trust me, sponge water bombs are the go-to for families seeking sustainable, DIY water play options this summer. 

Gathering Your Materials

  • Household Sponges
  • Scissors
  • Cable ties
  • Round nosed pliers

I began to gather what I needed, focusing first on colourful sponges.

Their vibrant hues would not just create a visually appealing water bomb but also elevate the fun during water play.

I chose to make two colours so that these could be matched to teams in play.

Next, zip ties or cable ties were on my list, chosen for their ease of use and reliability in keeping the sponges tightly bound.

I found gripping them with round nosed pliers was a sure way to pull the cable ties nice and tight.

Scissors would be the final touch, a simple but essential tool for shaping our materials.

Each of these items promised a sustainable approach to DIY water play, highlighting an eco-friendly alternative to single-use options.

By choosing materials that were both accessible and affordable, I aimed to ensure anyone could enjoy creating reusable sponge bombs, a testament to the joy of sustainable living. 

Sponge water bomb on slotted spoon

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Sponge Bombs

First, I selected several colourful sponges to ensure my water bombs were not only functional but also appealing.

I carefully cut each sponge lengthwise into three or four strips, depending on the sponge’s size.

This step required a bit of dexterity but paid off in the versatility it offered for the later stages. 

Next, I gathered a mixture of the strips, blending different colors for an eye-catching effect.

This was where creativity came into play.

Arranging them into a vibrant bundle, I ensured a mix of hues was visible from every angle.

For securing these groups, zip ties or cable ties became indispensable.

I positioned a tie around the center of each sponge cluster, pulling it tight to cinch the sponges into a bulbous shape reminiscent of a flowering bloom.

This action transformed loose strips into a compact, reusable water bomb ready for endless summer fun. 

The transformation from ordinary household items into playful sponge water bombs struck me as a brilliant example of sustainable DIY water play.

Encouraging the use of such reusable items aligns with eco-friendly practices, contrasting sharply with the disposable nature of traditional water balloons. 

Fun and Games with Your Sponge Bombs

I found joy in discovering new ways to engage in water play with our DIY sponge water bombs.

Beyond the straightforward fun of a water fight, these sponge bombs opened a door to imaginative and sustainable play.

I encouraged my kids to invent their own games, and they astounded me with their creativity.

They devised a target practice that not only entertained them for hours but also honed their coordination skills. 

Chalk rings on the colour bond fence made great targets for aim practice.

We made homemade sidewalk chalk paint, drew flames on the fence and became firemen as we threw our sponge water bombs at the flames.

One significant advantage I noticed with these reusable sponge bombs over the traditional water balloons was their sustainability.

Not once did I worry about picking up fragments of latex from the lawn or dealing with the waste that comes with one-time use water balloons.

This eco-friendly alternative assured me we were making a positive choice for the environment without sacrificing an ounce of fun. 

Our family ventured beyond simply tossing these sponge bombs at one another.

We incorporated them into obstacle courses, relay races, and even a mock “sponge bomb basketball” game.

Each event was an opportunity to laugh, cool off, and create summer memories that were both environmentally conscious and incredibly enjoyable. 

Even when Mr was a baby, these were safe to add to his water play. Every squeeze of the sponge was aww inviting. As he got older I teamed the sponge water bombs up with a slotted spoon and empty bowl. He loved scooping them out of the water into the bowl.

Sponge water bomb transfer game

Beyond Water Fights: Encouraging Educational Play

I discovered that our DIY sponge water bombs weren’t just for splashing around.

They proved time and time again to inspire movements that supported gross motor development, hand eye coordination, and social skills such as turn taking and empathy.

They’ve proven invaluable as tools for learning. In crafting these reusable items, children engage in a hands-on lesson about sustainability.

They learn why choosing materials like sponge, zip ties, or cable ties over single-use options is crucial for our environment.

This activity seamlessly blends water play with a deep lesson on eco-responsibility. 

For instance, I used sponge bombs to set up simple arithmetic challenges.

Children tossed them into buckets marked with numbers, adding or subtracting based on where their bombs landed.

Science experiments became vibrant with colors as we explored absorption and water displacement using these versatile, homemade toys.

This approach turned abstract concepts into touchable, playful experiences. 

As a result, I’ve watched curiosity bloom.

Educational play with these sustainable, DIY water toys has sparked more than just laughter; it has ignited a quest for learning that extends well beyond the backyard. 

Storing your Sponge Water Bombs

The beauty of our sponge water bombs is that they can be used over and over again.

We have used ours each summer for years now.

When your children have finished playing, simply leave the sponge water bombs to dry completely before popping them away to play for another day.

I store ours in a reusable produce bag.

They do dry hard and the sponge feels crunchy and stiff. This is totally okay!

Once the water hits them again, the sponge goes back to its former squishy soft self.

DIY Sponge water bombs

Wrapping Up with a Splash

We ventured into the vibrant world of DIY water play with an eco-friendly twist.

The journey started with gathering sponges, zip or cable ties, and scissors, emphasizing the ease and accessibility of materials.

We found joy in crafting our sponge water bombs, an endeavor that blended sustainability with fun.

Through simple steps, we cut, bundled, and secured sponges into colourful, reusable water bombs. 

Then, I shared my insights on transforming these creations into the centerpiece of summertime games.

We envisioned beyond traditional tossing games, exploring how these sponge bombs could entertain, educate, and engage.

Highlighting their versatility, I proposed using them in educational activities, thus stitching together learning with playful splashes. 

This guided adventure underscored the essence of sustainable water fun.

I aimed to inspire a shift towards reusable entertainment options in the heat of summer.

Now, it your turn.

Embrace this creative undertaking; craft your sponge water bombs.

Delight in the process, revel in the games that follow, and cherish the laughter-filled moments.

Most importantly, share your journey.

Let’s spread the word about sustainable fun, encouraging others to dive into this eco-friendly wave of summer enjoyment. 

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