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Learn about Adding and Subtracting with Frogs in a Pond!

Learning how to count is such an important skill. We use numbers in some way or form every day. Putting our well rehearsed numbers into context will help deepen our children's understanding of their value. To do this, Miss 4 and I created our very own little game. How to Play To play the game,… Continue reading Learn about Adding and Subtracting with Frogs in a Pond!

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Play Ideas for Nature Hoarding Toddlers

Both of my girls have been, well still are, nature hoarders. They will find, pick up and cherish rocks, gumnuts, leaves, sticks, bits of mulch, snail shells, snails themselves and all sorts! My car, pram and handbag are never free of some type of organic matter of some sort and they are always so valuably… Continue reading Play Ideas for Nature Hoarding Toddlers

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Nature Threading Play

We love playing with what Mother Nature has provided us with. I often remind myself (and the children) to be grateful for living in such a beautiful part of the world surrounded by so much nature. We had some time to pass to long ago and with Miss 4s new found interest in accessorising herself… Continue reading Nature Threading Play

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How to Colour Rice

There is a lot to be said for sensory play. Not only is sensory play, HEAPS of fun, it's inviting, engaging and provides your child with so many learning opportunities! Sensory play involves engaging your child's senses; touch, sound, taste, smell and sight. It involves your child actively participating in an activity that stimulates a… Continue reading How to Colour Rice

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DIY Learning Emotions Puzzle

Learning how to read and interpret facial expressions and body language is a important social skill. From the very get go, babies begin to look at faces. Did you know that a baby can only see about 30cm in front of them? Coincidentally, that is also the distance from a mother's breast (where little bubba… Continue reading DIY Learning Emotions Puzzle

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Nature and Nude Playdough

Scrolling through social media, I often get caught up in the hype of elaborate activities and play ideas for the kids. While they are still on the cards, today I thought we would bring our play down a notch and ground ourselves with some simplicity. I love offering different experiences for my children and following… Continue reading Nature and Nude Playdough

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Colour Sorting a Rainbow

Children are attracted to bright colours. When you think about it, it's the brightly coloured fruits that are often the sweetest, most ripe and packed with nutrition. While I love natural tones of our environment, these bright colours have been really fun to work with! After colouring our Rainbow Nuts the other day, we have… Continue reading Colour Sorting a Rainbow

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How to Make Playdough

Playdough is a very popular sensory medium that can be used for so many different play experiences. Whatever the theme of your play, playdough could be incorporated into an activity. Create sculptures, press it into shapes, letters, numbers, run toy cars over it to see the tyre prints, roll it out to make snakes, bake… Continue reading How to Make Playdough

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Water Play with Spring Flowers

We had a beautiful spring day yesterday. After a long week of illness, it was lovely to get the girls out in the sunshine at the park while their brother practised riding his bike along the path. We had bought a ball with us however it was quickly neglected in exchange for some nature exploration.… Continue reading Water Play with Spring Flowers

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Going Nuts Over Rainbows!

One thing I am trying to instil in my children is gratitude. Gratitude for what we have and what we have access too. Yes, it's nice to dream, have goals and most definitely important to work hard towards reaching their ambitions but I also feel it is paramount to be grateful for what we have… Continue reading Going Nuts Over Rainbows!