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Taste Safe Milk Dough!

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Mid way through July and we have hit the half way point of the year… already!

Miss 4 asked me the other day when it will be Christmas.


That word brings such a rush of so many different thoughts and emotions!

The unstructured routines and craziness of the silly season. The organising and preparation. The wrapping… oh the wrapping!

Then it brings back so many more memories of the excitement of the anticipation, the joy on the day and the smell of the honey ham baking away at grandma and grandads house.

To recognise the half way point to the festive season, we are celebrating Christmas in July!

When I think Christmas, one of the first festive treasures that come to mind is the Christmas tree with all its decorations, sparkles and magic.

A pretty little ornament was a must make for our Christmas in July! To add another little bit of excitement to this activity, we teamed it up with a splash of science!

Using only two kitchen staple ingredients we made a lovely, smooth dough as the base of our ornament.

    • Milk
    • Vinegar

Its so easy and super fun to make!

Pour 1 cup of milk into a microwave safe vessel (we used a mug).

Heat the milk for 1 minute 30 seconds so that it is warm without being to hot.

Add 4 tablespoons of vinegar into the milk.

Stir and watch the acidic vinegar react with the fats in the milk! It separates literally before your eyes!

Strain the solids by pouring your milk vinegar mixture through a strainer and try and push as much of the liquid out of the solids. Once you have squeezed as much as possible out, place your ‘milk dough’ onto a paper towel and continue to try and get as much of the moisture out as possible.

Once you are satisfied, you may mould your dough or like us, use a cookie cutter to make a fun shape.

Miss 4s curiosity overtook her and she insisted on tasting a little sample of the mixture. Strange child actually enjoyed it – why is it that kids will eat random stuff like this but will struggle to accept that an intentionally prepared meal might be of danger to them??

We decorated our Christmas Tree using laser glitter, chunky glitter and tiny little diamontes. With care Miss 4 gently pressed the sparkles and shimmers into the dough to secure them.

Once she was satisfied with her efforts, we placed her ornament onto a clean piece of paper towel to dry. It literally takes a few days to dry, weather depending. It has been pretty chilly at our place so we have got to day three and Im pretty confident that it has dried completely now.

The end result is a beautiful, one of a kind unique piece that we will be cherishing for a long time ahead of us. The curds have set hard with its glittery jewels encased in its density.

This activity was fun little science experiment! Watching Miss 4s face as she surveyed the lipids as they separated was very rewarding. I love how she is growing up to question things; the reasons how and why then explore, pushing the boundaries of her theories to learn more about them.

Science rocks!

When you give this ago please tag me @playinspiredmum

I would love to see what your little ones create using this method! Enjoy!

Dani D xx

Disclosure: This Blog does contain affiliate links which I may earn a small commission from if you purchase through them, at no extra cost to you.

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