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An Alien Friend

Our 'Out of this World' play theme for the week has taken us to planets, stars and the moon. This morning we toyed with the idea of aliens! Miss 4s eyes were wide when I explained that some people do believe that there are people who come from other planets and there are others who… Continue reading An Alien Friend

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Oobleck- A Sensory Marvel

If there is ever a time when I need to choose a sensory medium that will be the last we will ever have in the world, it would be Oobleck. It is such a captivating medium! I often find myself still running my fingers through it long after the kids have finished. Now Oobleck isn't… Continue reading Oobleck- A Sensory Marvel

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Science Play – A Rainbow Eruption

The school holidays have began and one of my goals is to up the science play. Mr 10 loves science and is like a sponge for intel around the subject. With the two girl around, I needed to come up with an interesting experiment that was also safe for them to be involved in. Bicarbonate… Continue reading Science Play – A Rainbow Eruption

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How to Make Playdough

Playdough is a very popular sensory medium that can be used for so many different play experiences. Whatever the theme of your play, playdough could be incorporated into an activity. Create sculptures, press it into shapes, letters, numbers, run toy cars over it to see the tyre prints, roll it out to make snakes, bake… Continue reading How to Make Playdough

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Warm Winter Scented Sensory Water Play

Long winters days, tucked up inside often have my kids missing the sunny days of yesterday when they could go outside and play. Over the last summer and spring, we enjoyed playing outside, exploring different sights and smells and lots of water play. We washed the cars (grown up cars and the kids ones!), experimented… Continue reading Warm Winter Scented Sensory Water Play

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Taste Safe Milk Dough!

A fun, taste safe activity using only 2 ingredients you probably have at home!

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A Milky Tray

When I asked Miss 4 if she would like to do a tray activity yesterday, her reply was yes please, with milk and you put shaving foam on the milk and drop colour and stir dishwashing liquid in to make it move- that's what I would like to do. Wow! What a brief to meet!… Continue reading A Milky Tray