Rubber band trapped toy rescue

Rubber Band Trapped Toy Rescue

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A rubber band toy rescue is such a simple and entertaining play hack for your baby or toddler.

Using toys they already have, this activity is an affordable way of creating a meaningful play experience at home for your child.

Whether you are looking to fill 20 minutes before heading out the door or adding a different play idea to your artillery, this easy play idea is definitely one to consider.

There are many different kinds of toys to help your baby explore and learn. This being said, sometimes the best play ideas are the simplest ones.

For this reason, we recommend trapped toys for your baby!

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Rubber Band Trapped Toy Rescue

Rubber band toy rescues are simple and quick to set up and they are so engaging! Your child will be busy trying to figure out how to get their toys past the elastic bands.

Toddlers are on the go. When you want to give your toddler some time to go slow, explore and learn, a trapped toy rescue is a great way to keep them engaged and entertained!

There are many different trapped toy options for babies and toddlers- elastic band trapped toy rescues are one of the simplest ways to provide a valuable learning through play opportunity with just a few household items!

Enjoy making these fun interactive games with your little ones and the memories that they will carry with them!

Trapped toy rescue

What is a rubber band toy rescue

A rubber band toy rescue is a game where toddlers try to free their trapped toys from a box covered in elastic bands.

This is a fun and interactive way for toddlers to learn problem-solving skills and dexterity.

In addition to trapped toys, you can use this same idea with trapped clothes, trapped boxes, trapped stickers, etc. for a variety of trapped toy games!

What you need to set up a rubber band trapped toy rescue

  • Rubber Bands
  • Box or baking tin
  • Toys

Three little items to collect to set up this baby play idea!

We used a wooden box from a kitchen play set. Baking tins are great for this activity. Second to that, you could always repurpose a plastic meat tray too!

When selecting your elastic bands, the size is dependant on the size of the tray or box you chose. They need to be tight enough not to slip off however not so tight there is a risk of the bands snapping.

Rubber band trapped toy rescue

How to set up a rubber band trapped toy rescue

Elastic band trapped toys are a fun way for babies and toddlers to play in a safe manner while also learning problem-solving skills and dexterity. They’re simple enough that young toddlers will be able to complete them independently, yet there still might be some challenges for older toddlers.

Here’s how easy it is to make your own toy rescue:

  1. Place the toys into the box or baking tray
  2. Position the elastic bands around the box.
  3. Pass the trapped toys to your baby and watch their busy hands get to work!

Toys that promote fine motor development

Ways to engage your child in play

This baby play hack is so versatile.

Play to your child’s interests to increase their engagement in the activity.

If your toddler is into bugs, use insect figurines.

Are they into building with blocks? Use their blocks in the toy rescue.

Have you heard of all the times when parents spend more time setting up an activity than the child actually plays with it?

This toy rescue can be set up fast! Using themes or toys that your child loves is really going to increase the likeness of them being engaged in play.

Pieces of their favourite puzzles can be used to add an extra challenge to completing their jigsaw.

Have multiples of their toys to match up with one another once rescued.

There are so many ways to use this versatile play idea! Its going to be great!

Learning opportunities

This play hack is great for learning cause-and-effect!

When your child pull the trapped toys out, what will happen? Will it still be trapped? It’s an interesting learning experience that really gets kids thinking. the sound of the bands snapping back into place can be fascinating for some toddlers too!

I set this activity up for Mr 12 months using his favourite wooden fruit and vegetables. He was captivated instantly! His hands were busy grasping the toys. That being said, it didn’t take him long to work out how to lift the bands with a couple of fingers, then watch the bands snap back again.

After Mr 12 months had been playing for a little while, I added the additional challenge of placing the rescued toys into a little bucket. This added the extra skill, crossing his midline, to the list of benefits of play!

Manoeuvring and manipulating the rubber bands is perfect for developing fine motor strength and dexterity. Every flex and flick of the finger is strengthening the small muscles in their hands, wrists and fingers. This foundational skill is vital for the development of so many other skills.

The rubber band trapped toy rescue is an activity we have been doing for years. It really is so versatile and using toys that your child loves is such a simple way of engaging them in meaning fun play!

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