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Ultimate Guide to Easter Baskets Plus over 120 Non-Lolly Easter Basket Fillers

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Here is an ultimate list of the best Easter Baskets ideas for kids and over 120 non-lolly Easter Egg fillers that kids love.

Whether you are looking for Easter Basket craft ideas, steps to creating the perfect Easter basket, or non-candy Easter egg filler inspiration, you will find all that here plus more!

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Best Easter Basket Ideas for Kids plus over 120 non-lolly Easter Egg Fillers

Along with Birthdays and Christmas, Easter is a time that holds so many fun times for children.

Part of Easter celebrations is creating, gifting, and receiving Easter Baskets.

It is exciting for our children to put together the perfect basket for the special people in their lives.

It is equally exciting to receive one, peel back the tissue paper and peek at the surprises inside.

What are some non-lolly ideas that you can fill your toddler and preschooler’s Easter Basket?

While for years many have reached for candy eggs and chocolate bunnies to fill their Easter Baskets, more and more parents are seeking other alternatives to sugar-filled sweets.

So if not chocolate bunnies and candy eggs, what else is there to put into an Easter Basket?


There are so many alternatives that won’t result in the post-sugar rush crash, that your kids will love.

Play to your child’s interests and you can be assured that they will love their Easter Basket as much as you have enjoyed collating and setting it up for them.

It’s such a rewarding feeling isn’t it?

Watching curious eyes and fingers reaching into their basket, exploring what’s within.

At that moment, there is no other care in the world.

The wonder of the Easter Basket and the feeling they experience as they dive in are memories that your children will carry with them forever.

If you are trying to minimise the number of sweets your little ones have over the Easter period, there are plenty of sugar-free alternatives for all ages.

Read on to discover our list of over 120 non-lolly Easter basket alternatives.

120 plus Non – Lolly Easter Basket Fillers

20 Easter Basket Ideas for 1-Year-Olds

  1. Musical Instruments
  2. Wooden Play Eggs
  3. Gumboots
  4. Bath Toys
  5. Toy Figurines
  6. Books
  7. Finger Paints
  8. Pajamas
  9. Cookie Cutters
  10. Bubbles
  11. Sensory Bottle
  12. Clothes
  13. Apple Sauce Pouch
  14. Bibs
  15. Fruit Leather
  16. Water Bottle
  17. Stuffed Animals
  18. Socks
  19. Teething Toy
  20. Money Box
Tender Leaf Carrot Counting Stacker
Kiddie Connect 123 puzzle
Colour matching eggs

39 Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

  1. Play Dough
  2. Snacks
  3. Art Supplies
  4. Squishy Sensory Toys
  5. Bathers
  6. Toy Cars
  7. Toothbrush
  8. Toothpaste
  9. Hair Bow
  10. Beauty Blending Sponges (use with paint!)
  11. Stamps
  12. Finger Puppets
  13. Kids Kitchen Tools
  14. Cooking Apron
  15. Foam Letters
  16. Colouring Books
  17. Easter Dinnerware
  18. Sidewalk Chalk
  19. Craft Kits
  20. Sun Hat
  21. Wikki Sticks
  22. Doll
  23. Animal Magnets
  24. Hair Clips
  25. Purse
  26. Beach Toys
  27. Dot Markers
  28. Crayons
  29. Plant Seeds
  30. Bento Accessories
  31. Popsicle Mold
  32. Paint Sticks
  33. Hoodie Swim Towel
  34. Paint Brushes
  35. Toy Dinosaur
  36. Zoo Pass
  37. Cup
  38. Bubble Bath
  39. Water Wow
Tender Leaf Macaroons
Djeco - Tapatou Chicken
Easter gnome
Tender Leaf Rocking Birds
Let them play bunny scene

44 Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers

  1. Dot Markers
  2. Sand-Free Beach Towel
  3. Stickers
  4. Erasers
  5. Jump Rope
  6. Silly String
  7. Goggles
  8. Paddle Ball
  9. Pencils
  10. Fun Bandaids
  11. Drawing Pad
  12. Slinky
  13. Hair Accessories
  14. Kinetic Sand
  15. Scratch Art
  16. Mandala Pieces
  17. Kite
  18. Markers
  19. Coins
  20. Snake Cube Twist
  21. Torch
  22. Puzzle
  23. Water Balloons
  24. Silly Putty
  25. Temporary Tattoos
  26. Pop Fidget Toys
  27. Lego
  28. Beanie
  29. Beads
  30. Fingerling
  31. Sticky Hands
  32. Umbrella
  33. Grass head
  34. Magnetic Tiles
  35. Wind Up Toys
  36. Tiara / Crown
  37. Magnifying Glass
  38. Yoyo
  39. Water Beads
  40. Pool Toys
  41. Binoculars
  42. Walkie Talkies
  43. Tangram Puzzle
  44. Sports Collectable Cards
Tender Leaf Tic Tac Toe
Easter figurines
pop fidget game

31 Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens and Teens

  1. Nail Polish
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Stationary Clips
  4. Crossword Puzzle Books
  5. Bath Bombs
  6. Lawn Games
  7. Headphones
  8. Travel Mug
  9. Scented Pens
  10. Cuticle Oil
  11. Freeze Dried Fruit
  12. Ear Rings
  13. Bubble Bath
  14. Flip Flops
  15. Bath Salts
  16. Lip Gloss / ChapStick
  17. Soaps
  18. Coaster
  19. Potion Kit
  20. Bed Socks
  21. Scarf
  22. Gloves
  23. Jerky
  24. Beach Towel
  25. DIY Jewellery Kit
  26. Washi Tape
  27. Slippers
  28. Glow Sticks
  29. Easter Jokes
  30. Diffuser
  31. Nail Stickers
Mad Mia Socks
Easter headband
Bunny lights

What is an Easter Basket?

An Easter basket is said to represent new life and fertility. It is thought that the word ‘Easter’ is derived from the pagan goddess of spring and fertility, ‘Eostre’.

The woven basket itself represents a nest, a vessel of new life.

Eggs have been considered a symbol of new life in many cultures worldwide.

Drawings of the goddess Eostre show her holding woven baskets laden with eggs.

The 17th-century stories of the Easter Hare were being told by parents to German children. It was said that the Osterhase, Easter Hare, would leave coloured eggs in the baskets of well-behaved children. The children would leave woven baskets or small nests outside overnight for the Osterhase to leave eggs in.

Some theorists say that the Easter Basket originated as part of the celebration of the end of lent. In times of the early medieval Catholic church, worshippers would bring baskets of food to the church to be blessed by the priest at the end of lent.

Many of the Easter traditions that we know today such as Easter egg hunts, candy eggs, and Easter parade, began in the Victorian era.

While many families embrace the giving of Easter baskets, the contents of the baskets are varied reflecting the traditions of individual families.

5 Steps for Making the Perfect Easter Basket

1. Choose an Easter Basket theme

Just as children are diverse and unique, so should be their Easter Baskets.

Play to your child’s interests when planning their Easter Basket and you can be assured that they will love what you collect for them.

If your little one is obsessed with dinosaurs, get all Jurassic happening.

If your child is loving crafting, paint sticks are a must-have addition.

Celebrate their interests with spring-themed paper and it will be a hit.

When choosing a theme for your Easter Baskets you can sort by a few variables.

  • Colour
  • Interests
  • Season
  • Moment

Colour Themed Easter Baskets

Decorate and fill your Easter baskets with a favourite colour. Choose the basket and fillers all with a similar tone or shade to create a wow factor impact.

Interest Themed Easter Baskets

Theme the easter basket targeting your child’s interest. Personally, my children’s baskets would be themed with cars, hermit crabs, and unicorns if I followed this strategy between the three.

Season Themed Easter Baskets

Another strategy for choosing a theme for your Easter Baskets is to play with things your children actually need rather than random gifts.

For those in the Southern hemisphere, we are entering the cooler, wet and windy seasons of Autumn and Winter. These go hand in hand with warm, wooly scarves and beanies, gumboots, and umbrellas.

For those in the North, warm days of Spring and Summer are coming so a new sun hat, goggles, sandals, and beach towel could be just the perfect thing.

Moment Themed Easter Baskets

Lastly, focus on events or phases your child is experiencing right now to design their Easter Basket.

Yes, we are sort of playing close to interests here but hear me out.

Is your child heading off to a school camp?

Perhaps a camp pack Easter Basket would expand their excitement?

Are they getting a new pet? An Easter basket with accessories and trinkets to help them care for their new pet could be very useful.

Is your toddler starting to potty train?

How about some wipe-clean books and stickers to pass the time while waiting for a toilet moment – wink, wink, splash!

Easter Small world easter basket ideas

2. Plan the Easter Basket Fillers

Once you have the theme set in stone, it’s time to start planning the fillers.

When choosing fillers consider the sensory elements they are going to bring for your child, as well as the fun factor!

What does it sound like?

Is there a scent?

Are there different textures?

Is there something to taste?

Is there visual stimulation to spark curiosity?

Still not feeling inspired?

Fall back onto the four gift rule:

  1. Want
  2. Need
  3. Wear
  4. Read

3. Buy the Easter Basket

Traditionally woven baskets were used to represent a nest carrying new life.

Modern times have seen Easter Baskets evolve into all sorts of vessels being used to hold the special tributes for their recipients.

  • Gift boxes
  • Baskets
  • Bunny head baskets
  • Gift bags
  • Helmets
  • Hats
  • Gumboots
  • Bowls
  • Baking Trays

Youre imagination holds the limits to what you can use.

4. Line the Easter Basket

It is the little extras that can level up a humble basket into a masterpiece.

Line your basket to add that extra detail or to had some height to display the Easter basket fillers.

  1. Cellophane
  2. Gift Wrap
  3. Fabric
  4. Socks
  5. Clothes
  6. Hand Towel
  7. Tissue Paper
  8. Felt
  9. Hay

5. Add the Easter Basket Fillers

Once your basket has been lined, add the fillers.

Be mindful of the height of the contents to create a balanced display.

I find it easier to position the larger items before filling in the spaces for the smaller ones.

Easter basket filler ideas

20+ Easter Baskets Craft Ideas

Easter basket-themed crafts are a great way to celebrate this special day.

Here is a list of amazing Easter Basket Crafts created by some incredibly creative bloggers.

Most can be made at home with resources you likely have at home already. Some even offer free printable templates- yesss!

  1. Mini Easter Egg Carton Baskets – Jinxy Kids
  2. Craft Stick Easter Baskets – The Joy Sharing
  3. Easter Basket Craft – Simple Every Day Mom
  4. Easter Egg Basket Card Craft – Bear Haven Mama
  5. Easy Tulip Easter Basket Craft – Kiddy Charts
  6. Easter Basket Weaving Craft Activity – Simple Living Creative Learning
  7. Paper Plate Easter Basket – Katherine Osman
  8. Easter Basket with Potato Printed Eggs – Emma Owl
  9. Cute Carrot Easter Baskets – Kids Craft Room
  10. Easter Bunny Easter Basket Craft- Simple Every Day Mom
  11. Milk Carton Easter Basket Craft – A Little Pinch of Perfect
  12. Handprint Easter Basket Craft – Long Wait For Isabella
  13. Easter Flower Baskets – In Our Spare Time
  14. DIY Tutu Easter Basket – Wunder Mom
  15. Easter Basket from Palms – Day By Day In Our World
  16. Two Ways Paper Plate Easter Basket – Red Ted Art
  17. Edible Candy Baskets – Conservamom
  18. Craft Stick Weaving Easter Basket – The Pinterested Parent
  19. Milk Jug Easter Basket – Clark Condensed
  20. Easter Basket Bonnets – Deep in Mummy Matters
  21. No- Sew Felt Easter Basket – Sustain My Craft Habit
  22. Hatching Chick Paper Plate Easter Basket – Finding Myself Young
  23. DIY Paper Plate Easter Basket – Honey and Lime

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