Top Tips For Your Child’s First School Term

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If you have a child that started school this September, then you’ll realise what a huge milestone it is – for you and for them! It’s an adjustment for the whole family, and can often come with a lot of unexpected extra effects. The change in routine and new environment can do strange things to a child’s mood and behaviour. The more you know, the more that you can support them on this new journey. Patience is key, as some kids seem at home with their new school world immediately. This being said, others take quite some time to settle into it. Knowing how to handle the transition will make it a little easier on all of you. 

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Top Tips For Your Child’s First School Term

Disclaimer: This is a collaborated post and may contain affiliate links.

Create A New School Routine 

Children are creatures of habit who tend to thrive best with structure and routine. Establishing them a new daily schedule is important. You might have already seen that they are much more tired than usual, which can result in worse behaviour. When there is so much new information to take in, it’s only natural that their processing power is all used up at the end of the day. This may show itself in tiredness, being hyperactive or simply not listening very well. Give them the time and space to unwind.

Try to take a step back from cramming the weekend with too many lessons and activities. Allow them to get used to the change of pace during the week. If they need to lie on the sofa and read a book when they come in, don’t be too hard on them for these first few weeks. Ensure you stick to a regular bedtime routine and spend some quiet time together without overwhelming them with lots of questions about how their day went. Let them tell you and they’ll do it in their own time. 

Expect The Illness 

This first term, children’s immune systems are coming into contact with all sorts of new people. Sickness is, unfortunately, par for the course for new school starters. Preparing for it means there’s less panic if illness does hit. Start by stocking up the medicine cabinet – plasters and disinfectant for cuts and scrapes, infant paracetamol, vaporub for coughs and lotion for head lice are a good idea. Arrange in advance who will be available to take time off with sick children if needed. It could be time to call in a few favours with relatives so you can save your own dependent’s leave for later on. 

Get Prepped For School The Night Before 

There is suddenly a whole lot more to get organised. With school starting comes packed lunches or school dinners, forms to fill in and send back, money for trips and project supplies. There’s something new to remember every week. Get into the habit of spending a few minutes each evening packing school bags for the next day and getting everything in order to avoid the morning rush. That way you won’t miss a thing and you’ll cut down a lot on stress. 

Here are some more great tips to get your child ready for Kindergarten!

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