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Play Ideas for Nature Hoarding Toddlers

Both of my girls have been, well still are, nature hoarders. They will find, pick up and cherish rocks, gumnuts, leaves, sticks, bits of mulch, snail shells, snails themselves and all sorts! My car, pram and handbag are never free of some type of organic matter of some sort and they are always so valuably… Continue reading Play Ideas for Nature Hoarding Toddlers

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Fine Motor Fun With Play Dough Letter and Numbers

Learning letters and numbers doesn't have to be all text books and flash cards. Your child certainly doesn't need a pencil in hand to begin to build up skills that will assist them in their handwriting journey either! With this in mind, we set up a fun play dough activity that would allow both Miss… Continue reading Fine Motor Fun With Play Dough Letter and Numbers

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Fine Motor Plaque Attack

We all know that daily brushing of our teeth is very important for dental health. The recommended three minutes of brushing twice a day can seem like a lot of work for our little ones. Miss 4 was having one of those days when everything was just taking to long- including brushing her teeth. What… Continue reading Fine Motor Plaque Attack

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Nature and Nude Playdough

Scrolling through social media, I often get caught up in the hype of elaborate activities and play ideas for the kids. While they are still on the cards, today I thought we would bring our play down a notch and ground ourselves with some simplicity. I love offering different experiences for my children and following… Continue reading Nature and Nude Playdough

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How to Make Playdough

Playdough is a very popular sensory medium that can be used for so many different play experiences. Whatever the theme of your play, playdough could be incorporated into an activity. Create sculptures, press it into shapes, letters, numbers, run toy cars over it to see the tyre prints, roll it out to make snakes, bake… Continue reading How to Make Playdough

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Creative Dinosaur Play Dough Stomp!

Dinosaurs and kids pretty much go hand in hand. I haven't met many who aren't keen to start roaring and stomping their feet while showing off a toothy grin. After laminating these dinosaur printables, I thought what better way to introduce them to the kids than by having them create a lovely home for our… Continue reading Creative Dinosaur Play Dough Stomp!