Story Tray – Rainbow Fairy

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Today’s Story Tray was inspired by this week play theme. For the last six days we have been exploring Rainbows!

I asked Miss 18m which story she would like us to read. After scanning the shelf, she selected ‘Rainbow Fairy’ by Lee Krutop. This is one of three little Fairy books we found at a local swap meet about a year ago.

Rainbow Fairy story Tray

Both the girls love all three of the books and often ask for the forth as shown on the back cover.

With our pom pom still out after this afternoons Rainbow Pom Pom drop activity, I just had to put them to work with our Rainbow Fairy book.

Miss 18m helped me arrange the puzzle pieces and sort the colours. She was very eager to start reading though.

We began by reading the story from beginning to end before going back to the beginning again.

The second time we read ‘Rainbow Fairy’ for the day, we took the time to pay attention to the illustrations. The text is short, easy to read and is beautifully portrayed by the illustrations on each page.

We get to know how our little Fairy friend likes to spend her time. She loves rainbows and colour. Throughout the story, she shows how she celebrates her passion for rainbows.

It is rather inspiring and I love how each page could be replicated in real life.

We flicked through the pages, matching and positioning our fuzzy spheres on coinciding colour objects.

The ‘Rainbow Fairy’ is a book that only takes a few minutes to read but you can spend another half an hour exploring the illustrations.

We might just follow her lead and replicate some of her rainbow projects ourselves!

Dani D x

Disclosure: This Blog does contain affiliate links which I may earn a small commission from if you purchase through them, at no extra cost to you.

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