56 trampoline games

56 Fun Trampoline Games Your Kids Will Love

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These are just a few of the many trampoline games that you can play with your kids! With so many options, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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56 Fun Trampoline Games Your Kids Will Love

A trampoline is a great way to have fun with your friends and family.

Many backyard childhood memories include our trampoline. We spent hours playing on it, making up games, having dance concerts, or pretending we were power rangers – yes, I am of THAT generation; no judging!

Trampolines can be used for bouncing, jumping rope, flipping over onto your back or head-first into the air, walking on hands while bouncing, etc.

There is so much for our children to gain through active, whole-body play. Not only does active play promote fitness and physical development, but whole-body play can also promote cognitive development. Read more about the benefits of active play here!

There are many games that involve trampolines too!

Some of these games involve one person, some multiple.

There are trampoline games that include other resources such as balls or DIY shape cards.

Then there are so many games that your children are already playing, that can be taken into the trampoline!

These games may even inspire your children to make up their own games!

If you’re looking for some new and exciting inspiring trampoline games to play, look no further!

Fun Trampoline Games for Kids

Check out the following 50 trampoline games that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

1. Bounce Off Trampolining

This is a game where two people stand at opposite ends of the trampoline and try to side bounce off each other. It’s a lot of fun and sure to get your adrenaline pumping!

2. Double Tramp Trampolining

This trampoline game is similar to bounce off trampolining and involves two people at opposite ends of the trampoline bouncing off each other. However, in this game, both people jump together. It’s easier than bounce-off trampolining because you’re jumping with someone else who can catch you when you fall (and vice versa!).

3. Trampoline Dodgeball

In this trampoline game, one person on the ground throws a ball at someone else on the trampoline and tries to get them out either by marking them with the ball. When marked, the trampoline player swaps places with the ground player.

4. Trampoline Hot Potato

This trampoline game is just like regular hot potato except that the players are jumping! Pass a ball from one person to the other while bouncing!

5. Cherry Bomb

Throw a ball in the air but don’t let the ‘bomb’ get you on the way down! Make it more fun by adding more than one ball!

6. Trampoline Hopscotch

This trampoline game is just like regular hopscotch, but you play it on a trampoline. Draw a hopscotch board on the trampoline with chalk and start hopping your way to victory!

7. Trampoline Basketball

This trampoline game is just like regular basketball, but you play it on a trampoline. You can either use a real basketball hoop or draw a mark onto the net of your trampoline. The aim of the game is to throw the ball into the other person’s hoop and score points.

8. Trampoline Soccer

In this trampoline game, two teams try to score goals by kicking a soccer ball into the other team’s goal. Draw your goals onto either side of the net with chalk!

9. Trampoline Tag

In this trampoline game, one person is “it” and they have to try and tag someone else with their hand. If you get tagged, you’re out of the game. The last person left in the game is the winner.

10. Trampoline Races

This trampoline game is just like regular races, but you race on trampolines instead of using cars or bikes. You can race against your friends or race against the clock. The aim is to see who can cross the finish line first!

11. Trampoline Duo Jumping

In this trampoline game, you hold onto each other trying not to fall off while bouncing. The last person standing, wins!

12. Trampoline Limbo

This trampoline game is just like regular limbo, but you play it on a trampoline. The aim of the game is to see how low you can go under a broom handle without touching the mat with your hands.

13. Trampoline Races with Obstacles

This trampoline game is just like regular races, but you race on trampolines and there are obstacles in your way. You might have to jump over a hurdle such as a cardboard box. The aim is to see who can cross the finish line first!

14. Trampoline Tramp Trampoline Traya

This is a trampoline game that involves jumping up and down on your trampoline while singing the song “tramp trampoline traya.” You have to jump higher with each verse until you can’t keep tramping anymore!

15. Bounce-Off Trampolining Flamingo Style

In this version of bounce-off trampolining, you have to stand on one leg instead of two!

16. Body Bouncing

Draw body outlines onto cardboard boxes and cut them out. To play, lay the outlines on the mat. Jump and try and land on your back matching the outline.

17. Trampoline Four Square

Draw a large trampoline four square on the ground with chalk and divide your friends into two even teams. The aim of the game is to bounce the ball off your trampoline and into one of the other team’s squares, then quickly bounce out so they can’t hit it back. The first team to get balls in a row wins!

18. Trampoline Frisbee

To play trampoline Frisbee, stand in a circle and throw the Frisbee around. If it touches the ground, you have to bounce it up before starting again!!

19. Bounce-Off Synchronized Style

In this version of bounce-off trampolining, each player bounces off each other’s backsides at the same time instead of taking turns!

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20. Balloon Popping

This is a trampoline game that involves bouncing on your trampoline popping balloons.

21. Trace My Shadow

Draw some hand or foot shapes onto cardboard boxes and cut them out. Then tape together to form a trampoline game board. Land with feet on the foot shapes and hands on the hand shapes.

22. Stand & Bounce

The first player stands in the middle of the trampoline mat, while player two bounces! Swap places when player one moves

23. Island Jumping

Draw islands on the trampoline mat with chalk. Jump on each one before jumping onto the next one.

24. Bubble Blowing Contest

Who can blow the biggest bubble while bouncing? This is a contest where everyone tries to blow the biggest bubble while bouncing on their trampoline!

25. Shape Trail

Draw various shapes onto cardboard boxes and cut them out. Use your feet or hands jumping from shape to shape.

26. Trim Trail

Make your own game board by drawing some simple shapes onto cardboard boxes and cutting them out. Then tape all the pieces together to form a large, continuous game board on your trampoline mat!

27. Handstand Competition

How long can each person keep their head in the air? Each player starts with one minute and counts how many seconds they can balance on their hands before they have to stop. The player with the longest time wins!

28. Balloon Trampoline

This is a game where you have to bounce on your trampoline until you pop as many balloons as you can in 60 seconds.

29. Trampoline Simon Says

This is just like regular Simon says, but you play on a trampoline.

30. Jumping Hacky Sacks

Place hacky sacks onto the trampoline and your kids can watch them bounce as they do

31. Bubble Wrap Popping

Attach bubble wrap onto your legs and feet. Pop as many bubbles as you can in 60 seconds!

32. Double Dutch

This is a game that requires two people. One person jumps while the other person holds the ropes and turns them around. When the first person gets tired, they switch places with the other person.

33. Crack the Egg

One person curls up into a ball while a second person jumps. When the first person, ‘cracks’, the players swap places.

34. Hide and Seek

One player closes their eyes and uses their hearing and sense of balance to find the other players.

35. Sprinklers

Perfect for hot, summers days. Position a sprinkler under the trampoline for some wet slippery fun! Tramp mats do get very slippery when wet so take care!

36. Piggy in the Middle

A three-player game where a ball is thrown from player 1 to player 3, with player two in the middle trying to intercept the ball.

37. Jump Off

Players take turns copying each other’s jump sequences. For example, jump, land on their bottom, bounce up and land on feet.

38. 1, 2, 3

The first player counts the second player’s jumps. On three the first player then gives a landing command at the last second. Seated, on their back or on all fours are some landing suggestions.

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39. Follow the Leader

Players take turns following each other’s actions around the trampoline. This can include jumps, left arm out, the scratch of the nose, or a wide mouth wink!

40. Egg and Spoon Jumping

Balance an object on a spoon while jumping. Objects could be a hard-boiled egg, pebble, small ball, or sand-filled balloon.

41. Paper, Scissors Rock

Just like the traditional way however swapping hands for full body! Paper is landing flat on the trampoline mat, scissors are landing in a seated position and rock is landing curled up like a ball.

42. Musical Freeze

Jump and bounce while the music is playing. The last person to freeze when the music stops, is out. The last person standing is the winner!

43. Bouncing Ball Pit

Throw the ball pit balls into the trampoline and get jumping!

44. Water Balloon Bouncing

Fill the trampoline with water balloons and see how many you can pop!

45. Animals Zoo

Pretend to be animals that bounce or glide through the air!

46. Streamer Grab

Attach streamers or scarves to the top of the net. Jump to retrieve the streamers!

47. Balloons Up

Keep the ballon from landing on the mat by patting it up into the air, from player to player

48. Reverse Limbo

Using a brook stick or pool noodle, start off holding the noodle close to the mat for the player to jump over. Incrementally, raise the noodle to make the jump higher and higher. The player who can jump the highest wins!

49. Protect the Castle

One player inside the castle takes on the role of the king or queen. Another player stands on the outside of the trampoline on the ground. The ground player then throws balls into the trampoline. The trampoline player needs to dodge the balls to protect the castle. Once struck, the players swap places.

50. Snake

Two players sit on the opposite sides of the trampoline, each holding one end of a skipping rope. While holding onto it, the players wiggle the rope like a snake. The other players jump without landing on the snake!

51. Alphabet Jump

Using chalk, write some letters of the alphabet on the mat. The jumper needs to land on the corresponding letter that is yelled out.

52. Ring a Ring a Rosie

Just like the classic dance done on the ground, only done on the trampoline!

53. Jump Jamming

Show off some amazing dance moves while jumping to the beat of your favourite song!

54. Jump-Rope Trampolining

Bring your skipping rope onto your trampoline. How many times can you spin the rope before landing back on the mat?

55. Hungry Jumping Hippos

Fill the tramp with ball pit balls. Each player has a box. Jump to make the balls bounce and try to catch as many as you can in the box!

56. Whirlpool!

Bounce in a clockwise direction until someone yells ‘anti-clockwise!’, when jumpers bounce in the other direction.

Trampoline safety tips

When using a trampoline, it is important to remember to always take precautions and follow safety guidelines in order to avoid injuries. Here are a few trampoline safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Make sure that the surface of the trampoline is smooth and free of debris before jumping.

2. Do not allow children to use their trampoline without adult supervision.

Playing trampoline games is a great way to have fun with your kids and bond.

As you read through our list of 56 trampoline games, we hope you found some new ideas for activities to do together as well as ways to stimulate their imaginations.

Trampoline games are a great way to have fun, get some exercise, and create lifelong memories.

They can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and are a great way to get the whole family active.

Trampoline games are also a great way to improve coordination and teamwork.

So gather your friends and family, put on some music, and jump your way to fun!

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