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A Small World Trip to Antarctica with a Toddler

Standing in kitchen this afternoon, I was watching the girls playing nicely but I could see that we were about to hit THAT time of day. Seams were beginning to come undone. The dreaded witching hour... haha... an hour. Oh that's funny... Between approximately 2pm and 6pm each afternoon Miss 4 and Miss 20m are… Continue reading A Small World Trip to Antarctica with a Toddler

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Oobleck- A Sensory Marvel

If there is ever a time when I need to choose a sensory medium that will be the last we will ever have in the world, it would be Oobleck. It is such a captivating medium! I often find myself still running my fingers through it long after the kids have finished. Now Oobleck isn't… Continue reading Oobleck- A Sensory Marvel