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Taking Tape Rescue to a New Level

After I first saw a Tape Rescue on Pinterest, I was inspired to replicate the idea straight away. What is a Tape Rescue? A Tape Rescue is a fun fine motor activity for toddlers and preschoolers that involves taping a toy to a surface and then giving the child the task off pealing the tape… Continue reading Taking Tape Rescue to a New Level

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Three Ways To Keep Your Kids Active

Disclaimer: This is a collaborated post and may contain affiliate links. Having children can be a tough time especially as they get older and start to get more energy. It is a great idea to get your children active to help them dispell that energy and to keep them healthy in body and mind. Children… Continue reading Three Ways To Keep Your Kids Active

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DIY Lego Maze Board!

I'm all for generational, long lasting toys. This morning I asked Miss 4 what type of activities she felt like enjoying today. When she mentioned she would like to build, Lego was a must! Both Mr 10 and Miss 4 love their Lego. It is always on their wish lists and it certainly gets lots… Continue reading DIY Lego Maze Board!

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Water Play with Spring Flowers

We had a beautiful spring day yesterday. After a long week of illness, it was lovely to get the girls out in the sunshine at the park while their brother practised riding his bike along the path. We had bought a ball with us however it was quickly neglected in exchange for some nature exploration.… Continue reading Water Play with Spring Flowers

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Poking Pom Poms!

Miss 15m loves screwing and unscrewing the lids from bottles, containers and little pots. Watching her manipulate her fingers in different positions and strategising how to remove the lid is so rewarding. She is learning to persist through trial and error- a skill that will continue to develop well into adult hood! This morning I… Continue reading Poking Pom Poms!

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A Sticky Leaf

Each day as we walk through our community, I encourage the kids to be aware of their surroundings and be grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world. We only just moved to this area from an inner city suburbia just over a year. Not long after moving here, I made a… Continue reading A Sticky Leaf


Pots of Fun!

After getting some inspiration from one of our lovely colleagues, I just had to give this activity a shot! It didn't take long for us to undress our dress ups clothes rack, find some hooks and venture to our pots cupboard. With some assistance from Miss 14 months we collected some pots and utensils that… Continue reading Pots of Fun!