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Play Ideas for Nature Hoarding Toddlers

Both of my girls have been, well still are, nature hoarders. They will find, pick up and cherish rocks, gumnuts, leaves, sticks, bits of mulch, snail shells, snails themselves and all sorts! My car, pram and handbag are never free of some type of organic matter of some sort and they are always so valuably… Continue reading Play Ideas for Nature Hoarding Toddlers

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Creative Dinosaur Play Dough Stomp!

Dinosaurs and kids pretty much go hand in hand. I haven't met many who aren't keen to start roaring and stomping their feet while showing off a toothy grin. After laminating these dinosaur printables, I thought what better way to introduce them to the kids than by having them create a lovely home for our… Continue reading Creative Dinosaur Play Dough Stomp!

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Exploring Measurements

When entering the world of measurements, it can all be a bit daunting. There are grams, cups, tablespoons, litres, centimetres, kilos and millilitres just to mention a few! Then there are questions such as how tall are you? How much does your pumpkin weigh? How much water is in your cup? So how can we… Continue reading Exploring Measurements