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Why We Choose Wooden Toys

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Pin Why we choose wooden toys

Why we choose wooden toys

It has been over three years since I joined Little Wooden Toybox as a Toy Representative.

As I am sure you can imagine, we have a lot of toys in our play space (my children love my job).

What is in our play space

Along with wooden toys we also have lots of books (some are even from the 1950s passed down three generations – we love books), stuffed toys, craft materials, foam blocks, lego, dress up clothes, board games and dolls.wooden blocks spelling the word play

One thing that we have dont have many of are battery operated toys.

When playing with our toys, my children need to actively pick up and interact with the toy. No pushing buttons and simply sitting back observing here!

Why wooden toys?

Wooden toys spark a childs natural curiosity and inspire creative play. They encourage your child to develop a long list of skill sets all while playing!

– fine and gross motor skills
– problem solving
– hand eye coordination
– bilateral coordination
– language and speech development
– cause and effect
– social skills
– cognitive skills

Sometimes Miss 4 will pick a toy up and ask me “How do I play with this?” My response will often be “What do you think we could do with it?”

I like to think that she will grow up being confident when coming up with her own ideas, being resourceful and be able to identify problems and then solve them and use her imagination!

Learning to communicate

One thing that is rarely in our play space is silence.

Master 9, Miss 4 and Miss 1 play well together most of the time but kids being kids they also have their moments. Sometimes it takes a lot for me to sit back and let them work it out themselves (believe me, sometimes it gets noisy) but they are communicating. They are learning to empathise, read each others emotions, compromise here and there and come up with solutions which they are both happy with.

children playing in the woodsWhen they get “bored”, they squawk about it and then they get creative. They play along side each other, they play games together and they come up with some pretty amazing tales at times (remind me later to tell you about our magical rabbit ).

Their bodies and minds are active.

Wherever and whenever it may be that you are choosing your loved ones next toy, I would like for you to consider what your child is going to gain through play with the toy in question.

Is your child going to play with the toy or are they pushing a button and simply watching a predetermined response from the toy?

All that being said, the best “toy” a child can have is their family and loved ones. You cannot spoil a child with your attention!!

Dani D x

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father reading to his son

Why we choose wooden toys

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  1. Amber says:

    I’ve always liked wooden toys. My kids had some of them when they were small. We didn’t just stick to wooden toys, but I did notice they held up much better than the others.

    1. There is something special about wooden toys isn’t there? Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Terri Ramsey Beavers says:

    Wooden toys last so long, I was able to give my grandkids the wooden toys my kids played with. I have been trying to figure out what to get my neighbors toddler for her Birthday and you just gave me an idea; wooden toys.

    1. Yes! And they don’t become out dated. The modern wooden toys are by that different to the ones generations before us were using. Happy birthday to your little neighbour!

  3. As a child I played many wooden games and I believe that in addition to being organic, and therefore safer than plastic, make the child more connected to nature and to what is simple and therefore important.

    1. Yes that is also very true! There is a unique warmth to holding a wooden toy compared to plastic. At the end of their life they certainly won’t hang around for the hundreds of years that a plastic toy would too.

  4. I like toys that make kids use their imagination. I am glad that my daughter is not allowing the baby to place with electronics until she is older.

    1. Likewise! Open ended toys that inspire creativity are always preferred at our place. Children have the rest of their lives to use electronics. Let them just be kids when they are young

  5. Patricia-Ann Que says:

    this is so awesome! wooden toys are a great way to learn for the kids without relying too much to technology! going old school sometimes is just more fun!

    1. Thank you! There are certainly more creative Play opportunities with wooden toys! Thanks for stopping by

  6. Thank goodness you mentioned you cannot spoil a child so important! The toys are good choices as well definitely gift ideas from this post

    1. Yes, thank you! No such things as to much time spent with a child. Thanks for dropping by

  7. I’ve always found wooden toys cute. They are also very resistant to all the kids heavy interactions. They last forever, literally. It’s a great way to have the kids entertained in a safe way.


    1. Thank you! There is something magically about watching your child play with a toy that holds so many memories from your own childhood.

  8. I’m not sure why, but we didn’t really get any wooden toys for my kids. I’m sure they would have loved them!

  9. These are definitely some great reasons to use wooden toys! I don’t have any kids of my own, but I will definitely keep this in mind for when I do 🙂

    1. Thank you and thanks for dropping by!

  10. we have so many wooden toys too and I love it. I can’t stand the annoying toys from target!

    1. Yes that’s definitely another bonus to wooden toys! Except I must mention the wooden whistle of 2017… that is still tucked away for special days haha

  11. Wooden toys are just the best for kids; more than metallic toys because of their better grip and safety of use.

    1. Yes I agree! Although we do have an old school metal jack in the box which the girls love

  12. We love wooden toys too! They are so much better wearing for kids and I am a big supporter of traditional play values too.

    1. High five for wooden toys!

  13. I remember always having a mix of plastic (playmobil) and wooden toys. We were getting so creative with all the wooden toys!

    1. Playmobil are a lovely toy too. They still inspire creative and imaginative play. We have been lucky enough to have been gifted some set and Mr 10 in particular gets lost in his own world playing with them.

  14. GladysNava says:

    Wow! I never thought wooden toys are much better to other! Thanks for sharing about these. For now on, I will choose wooden toys!

    1. Passive toys make for active minds! Thanks for dropping by!

  15. Wooden toys also present a direct connection to the natural world for children. Educational qualities. You can concentrate better. Durability and longevity.

  16. My kids love wooden toys but I didn’t know that they are as much beneficial for them. Thanks to letting us know.

  17. We have some battery operated toys- I DEFINITELY prefer the wooden toys. I notice a lot more creativity on the kid’s end and a lot less annoying background noise on mine!!

  18. […] learning about the importance of choosing toys that encourage growth rather than just entertain, I have been in love with wooden […]

  19. I can see how wooden toys would be so much better than electronics. It would be so much better as far imagination and creativity than having a bunch of electronics.

  20. I agree with wooden toys for kids. When my kids were little, we used a lot of wooden toys while homeschooling. Now my daughter uses wooden toys with my grandchildren, especially those from the company called “Melissa and Doug,” as they’re really high quality and durable.

  21. Wooden toys take a great deal if craftsmanship. There something spcial about seeing a child play with a toy that can also dub as a work of art. I won’t deny that my kids have tons of battery run toys, but I have always liked the look of wooden toys,

  22. Bindu Thomas says:

    I love choosing wooden toys for my kids. I love how it looks. And it is long lasting.

  23. blair villanueva says:

    Some parents don’t like wooden toys because its sturdy and worries that it might hurt their kid (silly). But I prefer wooden toys, because its ecofriendly, last longer, and mostly have good quality.

  24. I also prefer wooden toys for my kids. But for no particular reason. I think it’s just melancholia. hehee

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