Fine Motor Activity

Fine Motor Strengthening with Pegs

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One of the biggest issues educators are seeing with kids entering kindy is their lack of fine motor skills.

With this in mind, I try to offer opportunities to strengthen those tiny muscles in the fingers and hands throughout our play.

Upon opening our craft cupboard and seeing a packet of pegs tucked under some paper, I had a flash back of some inspiration I had seen on Pinterest earlier in the week.

Along with the pegs, I also gathered some pop sticks and upturned them onto the toy room floor.

Within seconds there was a curious nose having a sticky beak as to what I was doing. Miss 4 exploded with a million questions.

“What are you doing?”

“How does it stay like that?”

“Why have you made a mess?” (Because she never makes mess…ha!)

As I explained the brief, she accepted the invitation to play and started to experiment with different ways to use the pegs.

With some encouragement (it is trickier than it looks) she had built a simple frame of a house.

Unfortunately our little furry friend took it upon himself to offer her the chance to improve her design by deconstructing her initial efforts.

After diffusing her frustrations and taking a little motivation, we developed an amended strategy to make her next building even better!

It was very rewarding to watch her realise that her persistence had paid off. As Miss 4 leant back to see her masterpiece, her face was a testimony to how proud she was of her efforts.

Unfortunately, this feeling of gratification was short lived as Miss 14 months took it upon herself to dismantle the structure in a split second with the swish of a purposeful arm.

While this activity seems quite basic, it proved to be rather challenging.

Strengthening of her fine motor skills and using her pincer grip to arrange the pegs on the pop sticks was only the very beginning of learning opportunities this activity offered.

  • Problem solving skills
  • Logical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Bilateral coordination

We will definitely give this activity another shot. I feel as though Mr 9 would enjoy the challenge too.

What would you little ones think of it?

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Dani D x

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