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An Alien Friend

Our 'Out of this World' play theme for the week has taken us to planets, stars and the moon. This morning we toyed with the idea of aliens! Miss 4s eyes were wide when I explained that some people do believe that there are people who come from other planets and there are others who… Continue reading An Alien Friend

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How to Make Moon Dust and Luna Craters

Our Space themed play for the week has been a hit and we are only at day 1. Miss 4 was so proud to share her newly learnt knowledge with her Dad when he got home from work. One activity that stood out for her was making Moon Dust. We had already explored the planets,… Continue reading How to Make Moon Dust and Luna Craters

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Pom Pom Sorting with Toddlers

Pom Poms are such a versatile little item. They are great for sensory play, crafts, counting, colour recognition, teaching spatial awareness, sorting activities and so much more! Today I thought we needed to get back to basics and ground ourselves with some simple play. Miss 19 months hasn't been feeling very well with a nasty… Continue reading Pom Pom Sorting with Toddlers

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Turning Screens Off and Active Play On

Having a late night scroll through social media and it is apparent that there are many parents out there desperate to reduce their child's access to screens. I see parents asking how to get their children away from screens and seeking advice around what activities to distract their children with. Now I will admit that… Continue reading Turning Screens Off and Active Play On

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Nature Threading Play

We love playing with what Mother Nature has provided us with. I often remind myself (and the children) to be grateful for living in such a beautiful part of the world surrounded by so much nature. We had some time to pass to long ago and with Miss 4s new found interest in accessorising herself… Continue reading Nature Threading Play

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How to Colour Rice

There is a lot to be said for sensory play. Not only is sensory play, HEAPS of fun, it's inviting, engaging and provides your child with so many learning opportunities! Sensory play involves engaging your child's senses; touch, sound, taste, smell and sight. It involves your child actively participating in an activity that stimulates a… Continue reading How to Colour Rice

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Reading Expressions with DIY Emotion Masks

Being able to read others facial expressions is an important life skill. Whether it be at the playground, school yard or workplace, being able to interpret how someone is feeling by their facial expression is a valuable attribute and consequential social skill. We thought we would have a play with some facial expressions using some… Continue reading Reading Expressions with DIY Emotion Masks

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Matching Egg-Motions

We found another use for our old egg shells! Introducing Egg-Motions! Another little DIY project that gravitates around our Emotion themed play for the week. After collecting, washing and drying some egg shells, we drew some emotions on the shells and matched them with our emotions flash cards. The shells proved to be a challenged… Continue reading Matching Egg-Motions

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DIY Learning Emotions Puzzle

Learning how to read and interpret facial expressions and body language is a important social skill. From the very get go, babies begin to look at faces. Did you know that a baby can only see about 30cm in front of them? Coincidentally, that is also the distance from a mother's breast (where little bubba… Continue reading DIY Learning Emotions Puzzle

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Oobleck- A Sensory Marvel

If there is ever a time when I need to choose a sensory medium that will be the last we will ever have in the world, it would be Oobleck. It is such a captivating medium! I often find myself still running my fingers through it long after the kids have finished. Now Oobleck isn't… Continue reading Oobleck- A Sensory Marvel