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What Could Be More Important Than Teaching Our Toddlers To Share

"Sharing is caring"Yes, this is true however it is also a learned skill that our toddlers need to develop over time. Developmentally an average child should not be expected to share, understanding what it truly means until they are pre-school age. Rather than focusing on sharing, encourage your child to take turns. Whats the difference?… Continue reading What Could Be More Important Than Teaching Our Toddlers To Share

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Getting Ready for Kindy

It’s that nerve wracking time for many parents. Enrolments into Kindy have been completed and now it’s the waiting game until the beginning of the next school year. Such a bittersweet isn't it? Getting their children 'ready' for their first day of formal schooling is a topic that has been coming up in conversation lately.… Continue reading Getting Ready for Kindy

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How to Survive a Three Year Old

(Written November 2016) I love my daughter, I really do however the last few months I have wondered if perhaps she has been possessed or had a body swap with a non human being of some type. At first I had put her change of behaviour down to a lot of changes occurring in her… Continue reading How to Survive a Three Year Old

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Turning Screens Off and Active Play On

Having a late night scroll through social media and it is apparent that there are many parents out there desperate to reduce their child's access to screens. I see parents asking how to get their children away from screens and seeking advice around what activities to distract their children with. Now I will admit that… Continue reading Turning Screens Off and Active Play On

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Choosing Toys for your Children

How does you child play with their toys? Parent Activity: Make a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, sit near by and watch your child play with their toys Our children are sensory learners. They are equipped and geared to learn by exploring, examining and experiencing. When children are participating in an activity, their… Continue reading Choosing Toys for your Children

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Food for Thought About Your Fussy Eater

One topic that often comes up amongst mummies when we are out and about is getting our love munchkins to eat their food. More often than not, if mummy was to prepare a lovely, healthy, well thought out, well assembled plate of quality nutrition, it seems that it is more common for our children to… Continue reading Food for Thought About Your Fussy Eater

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Exploring the Reason Behind an Action

Our little people are going to make their mark on this world. In some form or another, their actions are going to have an effect on other people, their community and the environment on a global scale. As adults, we expect one another to be accountable for our actions. Whether it is to look both… Continue reading Exploring the Reason Behind an Action

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Learn and Grow with Creative Play!

Whilst there is an ever growing pressure on our children to perform academically, there is so much for them to learn through unstructured, creative play. Through creative play, your child will develop skills that will allow them to utilise information that they will learn in the classroom and put it into action rather than becoming… Continue reading Learn and Grow with Creative Play!

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Why We Choose Wooden Toys

It has been over three years since I joined Little Wooden Toybox as a Toy Representative. As I am sure you can imagine, we have a lot of toys in our play space (my children love my job). Along with wooden toys we also have lots of books (some are even from the 1950s passed… Continue reading Why We Choose Wooden Toys