Learning Through Play

Getting Ready for Kindy

It’s that nerve wracking time for many parents. Enrolments into Kindy are being completed and now it’s the waiting game until the beginning of the next school year. Such a bittersweet isn't it? Getting their children 'ready' for their first day of formal schooling is a topic that has been coming up in conversation lately.… Continue reading Getting Ready for Kindy

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Exploring Measurements

When entering the world of measurements, it can all be a bit daunting. There are grams, cups, tablespoons, litres, centimetres, kilos and millilitres just to mention a few! Then there are questions such as how tall are you? How much does your pumpkin weigh? How much water is in your cup? So how can we… Continue reading Exploring Measurements

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Taste Safe Milk Dough!

A fun, taste safe activity using only 2 ingredients you probably have at home!

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Sprouting Seeds in Your Egg-erpillar!

We use at least a carton of eggs each week - even more on the weeks we are restocking the snack / lunchbox stash in the freezer! We use the empty cartons for all sorts of activities! They are great for craft activities sorting, counting, hiding objects in and using to store our pretend eggs… Continue reading Sprouting Seeds in Your Egg-erpillar!


Choosing Toys for your Children

How does you child play with their toys? Parent Activity: Make a nice hot cup of tea or coffee, sit near by and watch your child play with their toys Our children are sensory learners. They are equipped and geared to learn by exploring, examining and experiencing. When children are participating in an activity, their… Continue reading Choosing Toys for your Children

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Tapping into Fine Motor Play

We keep a fair number of our toys on rotation. Every couple of weeks or so, I'll go through and take some out of our play space and pop them away. These are then replaced with some that had been stored away. Its fun watching the kids explore the toys with fresh eyes. Miss 16m… Continue reading Tapping into Fine Motor Play

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Squishy Fine Motor Fun!

We love playing with water beads at our place however they can be very dangerous if consumed. Miss 4 is old enough to understand the risk and will happily keep them away from her mouth. The same cannot be said for Miss 16m - understandably. The water beads turned into an activity that really only… Continue reading Squishy Fine Motor Fun!

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Paper Pineapple!

Welcome to a quick and easy rainy day activity. Patience is a skill that needs to be practised and what better way to encourage it than with glue. I haven't met many kids who haven't loved glueing. Miss 4 loved slathering on the sticky goop so when I came across this pineapple craft activity we… Continue reading Paper Pineapple!

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Edible Sand Making Sensory Play Safe for Toddlers too!

We love getting messy with sensory play at our house. Pouring, poking, moulding, flexing, pressing, pinching, grabbing, stirring while exploring different textures makes learning fun and engaging! Miss 4 can typically refrain from putting the matter at hand into her mouth when asked however Miss 15m often submits to the temptation. While she loves getting… Continue reading Edible Sand Making Sensory Play Safe for Toddlers too!


Watermelon Fun with Numbers!

Learning the true value of a number is so very important. This vital skill will give a solid foundation for other life lessons stemming to understanding money, fractions, time and distance to just think of a few. When Letter Basics released their new Watermelon Counting Game, I had it downloaded, printed, cut out and laminated… Continue reading Watermelon Fun with Numbers!