A Search for Grasshoppers

During this mornings story time, Miss 4 was excited to learn that grasshoppers can fly!

While I had to remind her that not everything in stories is real (Scarface Claw very may well be the toughest tom in town in her favourite book however he is still just a drawing) she was delighted to learn that this fact was indeed true.

Once we finished reading our story, Miss 4 was excited to get out into the garden to find herself a grasshopper to examine (Clearly Mums word just wasn’t good enough). Being that the sun was only just popping it’s head up at this stage (my children start the day well before dawn these days), our mission was not a success.

Having only recently released our latest giant grasshopper I assured her that we would most likely find one another day if not later today and invited her to consult with her Bugs Alive Activity Mat instead.

Sunshine and Snowballs is a lovely book with colourful illustrations that represent the changing seasons beautifully. It opened up conversations around the changes we are seeing in our community along with weather that we wouldn’t get to see given that we live in Perth, Australia ( it doesn’t snow here!).

I imagine those illustrations have never been examined so closely before! She was fascinated with her new discovery and I think we will be venturing out quite a bit today to find a real life flying grasshopper.

Dani D x

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