Pots of Fun!

After getting some inspiration from one of our lovely colleagues, I just had to give this activity a shot!

It didn’t take long for us to undress our dress ups clothes rack, find some hooks and venture to our pots cupboard.

With some assistance from Miss 14 months we collected some pots and utensils that would each offer a different sound when given a slap with her beater.

She was very excited to see watch what I was doing as I carefully hung them onto the hook which clung to the rail of the clothes rack.

As I passed Miss 14 months a little beater, her fingers grabbed it eagerly and her smile grew from ear to ear. With a little coaching, she was bopping it from pot to spoon, to sieve and back to the pot again!

With the fall of each tap, she was rewarded with a clatter, a bang and a smash. Her little hand moved closer to the distant end of the beater as she was experimenting with different methods of controlling its aim.

She started off with little taps which got faster as her confidence grew.

After a little while chewing the rubber end of her beater became more interesting than bopping the hanging kitchenware. We swapped the beater for a wooden spoon.

With a little tap here and there as an invitation to participate in our activity, Miss 14 months curiosity was reignited and she took to making her music once again.

This simple activity opened up opportunities for her to build upon her gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving skills and understanding of cause and effect.

It opened conversations around different sounds, tapping slow and softly verses hard and fast, left and right and forwards and backwards.

Putting these words into action will help build an understanding and put these phrases into context.

We had a lot of laughs and will definitely do this activity again!

Dani D x

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